Update on Disqualified Muslim Athlete

jkelly.jpgI received an email from Barb Rogers yesterday that stated the AP story on Juashuanna Kelly was completely inaccurate with its conveyance of the facts. She sent the email in the hope that bloggers would post the other side of the story.

I do not know who Barb Rogers is nor what her vested interest is or if she has any, really. I have posted her original email and included the link to the story on www.gazett.net. You can read and decide for yourself.

From: barb rogers
To: iamchocl8t@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 5:06:41 PM
Subject: RE: Your post on Muslim runner’s disqualification
During the week following January 12, there were articles relating to the supposed disqualification of a Muslim athlete at a Maryland track meet being posted on the major news media sources as well as local ones and numerous blog sites. The article, released through the AP by the Washington Post, was full of inconsistencies and inaccuracies and fueled a firestorm of religious discrimination debates, resulted in threats and hate mail directed at the meet director and officials.

Finally the people on the other side of the story have been allowed to tell their story in an article dated Jan. 30, 2008. I hope you will post this so that they too will have a chance to be heard. Thank you.

Read the follow up story here.

Read my original post here.

2 thoughts on “Update on Disqualified Muslim Athlete

  1. Sometimes decisions are made that are not popular. I believe they chould have made an exception about the unitard; however, we would need to see other cases where TPTB have made the same decision to validate their statement. If it was supposed to be one color, and they gave her the option to have the unitard one color, and then, her coach and herself, decided to withdraw, that was a decision that was made. I’m the typ of person that always hopes there no malice involved in something like this. She was “the best” so is there something to remove the best. Is there justice in sports, I don’t think so. Marion Jones is proof of that. Was her crime such that she deserved a jail sentence, I don’t think so, but she got it. Will baseball players get a jail sentence, probably not. So what do we do. Who do we turn to to make things right. I don’t know. Somewhere there is someone with the answer.

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