Social Media Has Destroyed My Creativity!

Social media has killed my creativity.

Before Twitter and Facebook became as popular as they are now, I posted blogs regularly. I even had a small group of readers who subscribed to The Chocl8t Diaries and commented. I was both surprised and humbled that they wanted to read what I wrote. Maybe some of you are reading this now. If so, HI!!!

Twitter-Bird-officiald31850Then, Twitter happened.

It became all to easy for me to post my thoughts in a series of 140-character limited tweets, as opposed to composing a complete blog post. Twenty nine thousand, seven hundred twenty nine (29,729)…well 29,730 after this post is published thanks to that Twitter add-on embedded in WordPress. That is, on average, an estimated 4,162,200 characters I could have used writing thought provoking or inflammatory content on my blog.

My tweet rants have included many of the following topics and then some:

  • Feminism and its detrimental effects on the family unit
  •  How women can’t “have it all” despite their desperate attempts to convince themselves otherwise
  • The battle of the sexes
  • Whores, Hoes, & Heauxs: what defines one and why should we care.
  • Celebrity shenanigans, on Twitter no less
  • Reality TV and my disdain for the genre
  • Male/Female relationships
  • Sex
  • Family

You name it, I’ve probably tweeted about it.

Just earlier today I tweeted a quote from somewhere, I can’t remember where, that “Twitter is a vortex of social mayhem“. No truer words have ever been, well…tweeted…and it’s true of the small circle of those I follow. On any given day, I have been shocked, confused, disgusted, and often time thoroughly amused and entertained by the chatter.

However, recently my interest has waned and I am no longer really entertained but rather saddened and vexed by the non-stop onslaught of unsolicited relationship advice, admonitions, and asinine comments whose only purpose is to annoy. (They call this trolling on the Twittah streets).

It’s funny how people provide so many clues about their “real” lives outside of Twitter and it is all laid out before the masses neatly within the tweets. This, in spite of the individual’s protest that their @identity is just for “entertainment” purposes. But I see you…clearly as I’m sure you’ve seen me.

I have made a concentrated effort to step back. Brief exiles, if you will, to mute the inane mindless, negative chatter and that includes my own. I am making an effort to think before I speak or tweet….eventually to stop tweeting altogether.

Every thought I have should not be shared. Some thoughts should marinate a while so they can develop beyond 140 characters into a thought provoking or inflammatory blog post thereby, hopefully, resurrecting my creativity.

P.S. Are you on Twitter? If so why? If not, why not?

3 thoughts on “Social Media Has Destroyed My Creativity!

  1. Hi there, lady! No wonder there have been so few entries to your blog! I’m glad to see you’re in “twe-hab” cuz I’ve never really gotten the whole craze. “Brief exiles, if you will, to mute the inane mindless, negative chatter”… without ever entertaining it, this was my exact impression of the entire phenomenon. I happen to appreciate the art of words and you’re a good writer.

    Do I tweet? Nope. Main reason? I think it’s idiotic and dumbs people down. In fact, most folks can no longer spell without spell check because of internet/twitter speak.. Second reason: um… this 😉 :

    Looking forward to seeing more entries soon!

  2. I have an account, but never use it except for posting an occasional picture or thought-provoking quote. It just seems like a very poisonous atmosphere of bullies and attention-seekers who probably didn’t get what they needed growing up, so they act out on Twitter. I don’t think I’m that interesting to where I have to tweet up to the minute coverage of my life, but some of those people feel the need to do that. I don’t get it at all–but maybe its an age thing as to why I don’t?I see so many kids on there. I think that you are right to step away and take breaks– it can be emotionally exhausting

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