What’s Up With Chocl8t?

These times when I am not posting are rarely ever planned. It happens when I am not willing to pen the thoughts in my head nor what is going on with me. For the past couple of weeks I retreated into the tortoise-shell. As you can see, I am poking my head out.

Now..to what I have been up to…

* I am back in the gym…it’s killing me softly but I am hanging in there.

* Finished up my volunteer project with Omasaze’s Reading Saturday. This had to have been one of the most gratifying and rewarding thing I have done. Since October, I volunteered every Saturday morning helping a child with their reading and word recognition.

At the start of the program, each child is tested to determine how many words they can recognize. Victor, the first grader assigned to me, scored 31 out of 200 words. At the end he was tested again and scored 141 words!!!! Yes…I am stoked!!! GO VICTOR!!!!

* Spent a weekend visiting family in Chicago. Delta Airlines lost my luggage on the return flight. Gone are three pairs of my favorite jeans and several other items. I am SO. NOT. HAPPY about this. Not happy at all! GRRRRRR!!! 😦

* After some cajoling from a dear friend and with great trepidation, I have joined an online dating site. UGH! Firstly, I am not looking for a husband however, dating in Atlanta isn’t easy if you’re not into the club scene with the “youngins”.

Let’s say I get a good giggle just about every day, if not from the “onscreen” names,  from the photos. I saw a picture of one guy who looked like he was in a perpetual state of surprise. Then the other guy whose name is “darkjedilova” looking like a burnt match with these super spooky eyes (probably has a dismembered woman stashed in the freezer). LOL

I’ve exchanged emails with a few guys and had an IM chat with one guy who automatically placed me in the typical stereotype group. I could tell from his line of questioning that he has been listening to and watching the clips on Nightline about black women being too picky.

For example:

Why are you single and why did you join XXX.COM.” (harmless enough) So when I answered that I’ve spent most of my adult life wanting to be married and have children but now I’m just enjoying life. He comes back with: “Sounds good, but do you think that maybe your expectations are too high? Have you ever been in a serious lasting relationship?” and “Do you base your relationships, on what happened or happens in your friends relationships?

My response, “too high expectations? Whatever gave you that idea?”

After that I was irked but continued with the chat. I haven’t heard from that guy since nor do I wish to ever again. It just really bugs me how people just make unfounded assumptions. But no worries…NEXT!!!!!

Had a dinner date with “bigmark“…a date he initiated. ::DEEP SIGH:: I tried soooo hard to engage this guy in conversation…I almost broke out in a sweat. A few words here. A sentence or two there. Painful does not begin to describe the experience.  LOL….NEXT!!!

There you have it. A few of the goings on in the life of Chocl8t. Hopefully, I will not be away for long next time. 😉

9 thoughts on “What’s Up With Chocl8t?

  1. …And next time don’t be so long! Nice to see you posting again, always an interesting read. Props on the volunteering and its success.

    And good luck with the dating. If you succeed, they’re a VERY lucky guy indeed……..

  2. I was wondering where you were…

    you rock for the volunteering thing…

    good luck with the online dating thing…I’ve done it a few times before…with iffy success….

  3. Too funny @ dating in Atlanta isn’t easy if you’re not into the club scene with the “youngins”.

    A former ATL resident. I co-sign this statement.

    It sucks when an airlines lose your luggage. I had this happen to me once. It’s a defeating event.

    I am sitting here cracking up on where you spoke of almost breaking out in a sweat.

    1. So you know of what I speak? LOL

      Have you ever sat at a table with a stranger and tried to engage them in conversation and it just wasn’t going anywhere? UGH!!!! NOT. FUN!!

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