You Want What? Seriously?

When did this become a part of the game?

Side pieces and mistresses suing, demanding apologies and hiring attorneys?

In the wake of Tiger Woods’ fall from grace, Gloria Allred emerged as a kind of crusader against the star golfer, representing at least two of his alleged mistresses (nightlife promoter Rachel Uchitel, porn star Joslyn James) and speaking on behalf of other women in Woods’ life (his kindergarten teacher, Maureen Decker.)

While James and Allred want an apology from Woods, they won’t follow him to the Masters to get it. Allred said her client is moving on with her life, though James is still upset that “he lied to her when he said they would have a life together.” [SOURCE]

Tiger & The Porn Queen

He lied? Oh, the shock!! The horror!!!! (insert sarcasm)

Correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t that what married men DO who cheat on their wives? LIE?

Nearly every married man who cheats tells the mistress they will “have a life together”. That’s to keep the simple bitch around and available for him to do as he pleases.

He lied. You believed the lie. Now…Tiger has done what many married men do after the affair is exposed – he went back to his WIFE, begging and pleading for forgiveness, no doubt.

Miss me with that demanding an apology bullshit! Tiger owes these hoes NOTHING!! Not an apology, not closure…not even a kleenex for the fake ass tears they may shed.


If anything, you owe it to yourself to find some gatdayum self-respect and dignity. First, you can begin with NOT screwing married men.

The Dack Slayer

Secondly, SHUT THE F**K UP!! Stop talking to the media!. You’re an attention seeking whore looking for your claim to fame but I hate to tell you….THIS isn’t it. Mmmkay…Thanks.

Finally…fire that ball busting barracuda Gloria Allred!! That woman looks like she bites off and chews men’s penis’ for a hobby! Why hasn’t she been disbarred is beyond me. She is representing these women for what? What legal rights do you have as a MISTRESS? None.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Girl, bye.

11 thoughts on “You Want What? Seriously?

  1. These heffas need all types of ass whoopings. I mean, when did the game change in this direction??? when did hoes get rights??

  2. Desperation is what it’s all about. That, and group-think. They smell money and fame, and they go diving seaward saying “mine! mine? mine!” like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. I blame the media for dumbing down Celebrity to such an extent that fame is almost like graduating high school or learning how to tie your shoe: it’d be great if you could just…do that and get it over with.

    1. I second the despair at the fame-game, but I wouldn’t just call out on the media. I’d blame us, the public, too. Who is it who buys, watches, listens to the media’s productions. For them it’s all about the money, so if there was no public interest in all that, they’d soon drop it.

  3. It is clear that these hoes have an agenda and they are trying to exploit 2 mins of fame.

    Let’s get something clear…a married man may promise something to his mistress…not his hoes. These brawds are hoes. Somewhere along the lines…they forgot their place and got outta their lane.

    Hey hoes! Get yo hoeass back in your lane. You know what you are.

  4. “That woman looks like she bites off and chews men’s penis’ for a hobby!” I wonder if HKS is covering that this Friday….?

    It’s just pitiful, really. Pondlife have more dignity than they do. Algae serve a greater function in life. And shit? Well, shit at least has potential (compost)……..

  5. I just can’t relate to what anybody involved in this whole circus act is thinking. Not Tiger, not his wife, not the lawyer involved, but especially not the mistresses. If I lacked enough self-esteem to become somebody’s mistress, I certainly wouldn’t blast it all over the media. But then again, if I were a wealthy celebrity I wouldn’t risk my reputation and/or fortunes with miscellaneous booty in the first place.

    But oh well. That’s all I really have to say about the subject. I really don’t care about any of these people’s business.

  6. hahahahaha @ “girl, bye.”

    I can’t even say it’s Allred, although she is on some mo’ ish. I think Tiger Wood’s being so soft to the effort being made to restore his image that many are trying to take advantage of the moment itself i.e. in a “let me hurry up and pay this broad so she can shut the eff up” sort of way.

  7. These jump-offs are amazing. They want an apology for knowingly jumping into bed with a married man, then selling their stories to the highest bidders looking to get paid when he gets busted?? How dumb can they get?? He does not owe these women anything and they are stupid to expect anything from him. It’s not their fault that Tiger couldn’t say no, but they are definitely not innocent in this at all. It used to be that women were ashamed of being associated with this type of drama, now, it’s like a badge of honor or some kind of opportunity to become famous. Sad…

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