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I love reading blogs authored by thoughtful insightful individuals. One such blog is Minus The Bars and its author, Don. I have been visiting his site for a few weeks now and I love his regularly featured post “Likes and Dislikes”.

I liked it so much that I have decided to try it at least once a week. Yeah, I’m biting Don’s idea!! LOL 😉


  • A good book
  • Talking to him
  • The birthday card from L.M.D.
  • Singing in the car, in the shower
  • My iPod
  • Living alone
  • Drive-in movies
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Publix
  • House of Chan



  • People who abuse children
  • The Winter Olympics
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Bad grammar
  • Living alone
  • Kroger
  • KFC
  • Lazy people
  • Emerald *Anything* Chinese Restaurants

11 thoughts on “Likes & Dislikes

  1. Cute concept! I’ll have to check him (Don) out!

    One question; you listed “living alone” in both categories. So which do you like most… alone or with someone? Although I’m not single, I actually loved, I mean LOVED living alone (go figure?)!

    If I put something down, I knew where everything was when I came back to it later. There was no waiting time for the phone, iron or bathroom. No hairs on the soap, no facial hairs in the sink, and several other little things people experience through co-habitation. So come on, spill the beans— which category would “living alone” REALLY full under? (smiles)

    On a more serious note: pedophiles and other abusers of children are scums of the earth!!!!! My top three DISLIKES WOULD BE:

    1) Pedophiles or ANY form of child abuse
    2) Thieves (most everyone works TOO HARD for what they amass)
    3) Rapists– that one just BUGS me on a whole other level. I personally don’t think there’s a “cure” either. ALL RAPISTS SHOULD BE CASTRATED is my personal opinion.

    Again, cool post, lady! Glad you’re getting back to the “swing of things” by hitting “us” with a post a few times per week!! Some of us like what you have to say.

  2. Current LIKES:
    Pancake Day (pesky Christians would insist it’s Shrove Tuesday, but that get’s a big ‘Whatevs geeza’ from me….)
    Anything on Hyperdub Records
    Maple syrup and raisins as part of breakfast
    Double Gloucester with onion and chives
    Gilles Peterson – don #1
    Benji B – don #2
    My newly painted record shelves
    Talking to my new DC aquaintance
    Re-introducing my sis to sounds she’s starved of up north
    Chris Ofili retrospective at Tate Britain
    Living alone
    Joseph Stiglitz

    Current DISLIKES
    My decision to not eat so much crap
    24-hr news channels (this one comes and goes all the time)
    The length of time it’s taken to paint my record shelves
    Living alone
    White stilton with apricots
    The fact that the banks and credit agencies are STILL getting away with it
    The fact that the world’s Governments are still doing naff all about the above
    The existence of Berlusconi
    Climate-change deniers

      1. Awe DAMN, man (Fubsy)! It’s me jazz from OHN! I was like; who is this “smart ass” putting “living alone” in both categories” too? hahaha. Now that I’ve had a little more time to think about that, yeah… living alone can go both ways! Sometimes a person may want to be alone and then be around others. I’m a “neat freak” so the aspect of living alone is one I truly miss.

        And records, painting a record shelf?! I thought I was the only person still alive who has records!!! Who knew?!

      2. @Jazz – Howdi. Much as I’d love to take credit for the ‘living alone’ entry – I simply nicked it from Choc herself. I thought it was a pretty good judgement so thought I’d have that too!

        And records, yup. Still buy them. Don’t buy cds or that many downloads. I’m a dinosaur, for sure. But I can’t get enough of those black things with holes in……(let’s see if anyone pulls me up for that…!)

  3. I love this post!
    I’m in LOVE with my new Ipod Touch lol.
    I made some chocolate covered strawberries earlier this week. OH SO GOOD lol.

  4. Yep. People who abuse children – fuck ’em all. My older sister was abused as a child and she wasn’t the same, ever since. I don’t know if I should count an ass whooping as abuse … so I won’t mention my beatdowns @ the hands of my mom. I deserved ’em though.

    Heyyy. We shop @ Krogers. LOL.I cannot eat KFC either.

    We both enjoy good books and living alone (definitely can go both ways @ times, especially when the bills are due!).

    Thanks for the shout. I enjoyed your likes and dislikes. Keep ’em up.

    1. Well hi Don! (popped on today to catch up on some things so stopped by one of my favorite bloggers). Glad you popped in!

      Just wanted to say– glad somebody agrees with me on child abusers out there! Fuck em, fuck em all! Sorry to hear that your sister was abused though. Really, people don’t seem to understand just how traumatic that is to a person.

      I really like this concept too (“Likes/Dislikes”). I may piggy-back (if that’s cool). 😉

    2. Sorry to hear about your sister. Healing is possible (I know of what I speak).

      I shop at Kroger too (mainly to get the 10cent discount on gas) but I prefer Publix..they have a better produce selection…better meats….better bakery…LOL You get the picture. 😉

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