Random Ramblings 11-22-09

I haven’t posted in a while but I have had some things on my mind. Here they are in no particular order of importance or relevance.

~ Some lessons are hard learned. Because faith springs hope eternal there is always optimism. Optimism sometimes turns a blind eye to the subtle queues. But it is never too late to recognize and regroup. It is what it is. Accept it…Adapt to it…and Most importantly, Keep It Moving!

~ Why do women need definitions and labels for everything, relationships specifically? When the definition and/or label doesn’t meet the requirement an ultimatum is issued? This, more often than not results in the man walking away, sometimes running. Self-sabatoge at its finest. This leads to another question…Are we as women ever satisfied?

I have been guilty of this same self-defeating behavior in my lifetime. I thought by him declaring it was “this” or “that” or by reassuring me the relationship was a priority for him, it would make me feel secure and happy. When in fact, it did not. That need to have the man in my life define our relationship,  as opposed to living in the moment, is rooted deeply in insecurity. When will we allow ourselves to live in the moment and be content?

~ I am not surprised by how quickly I became bored with Twitter. It has suffered the same fate as Facebook. Does anyone remember Black Planet? Don’t front…you know you had an account too!! LOL

~ What do you do if you think a girlfriend’s man is lying to her about being married to or “involved” with another woman? NOTHING. Allow it to run its course. Most times she will not believe you. Good luck with that boo.

~ Faith and religion. I am in a strange place – maybe a turning point in my life that will determine, or effect, my beliefs and faith and how I practice my faith. I’ve been reading this book, “World Religions”. The last chapter I completed was on Jainism and a prayer or mantra from the religion stuck out.

I ask pardon of all living creatures. May all of them pardon me. May I have a friendly relationship with all beings and unfriendly with none.

Another one:

Friendship to all living forms, delight in the qualities of the virtuous ones, unlimited compassion for all suffering beings, equanimity towards all who wish m harm, may my soul have these dispositions now and forever.

Not sure where this journey will end.

~ Read the following quotes on another blog. I don’t remember the topic but they resonated with me.

“I’ve fallen away from Biblical imperatives because I can’t read it in its original form and it is therefore subject to interpretation by the translator”

“My religion was lost when I found my faith; religious groups are just clubs that splintered off when they didn’t like that leader’s interpretation of the scripture.”

 There will be more to come so…stay tuned. 😉

5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings 11-22-09

  1. Let’s go backwards here. Christianity in it’s finest, purest state – you know that it can’t be beat. Some stray but return to what we know to be real before it’s too late to escape that pit of fire . . . one Christian to ano that is.

    Not only did I have a Black Planet account, but it is still alive and well. I get notifications by Google mail, but I guess it’s been over 3 years or so since I’ve ventured there to log-in. I’m haven’t become bored with TWITTER as yet, but have become so busy that I barely check in. I am determined to take it to ano level, maybe even be the one who comes up with a new application for the same. Don’t give up . . . meet me there some time.

    Being single and alone, I’m not one to give relationship advice, but more like speak from a man’s point of view. I am waaaaay too old fashioned or ole school – pay the cost to be the boss and make the relationship work by defining the relationship. On the other hand, if one is not doing just that, one has no right to define anything. I’m just old and being so, a man pays the way, and if a couple is on that same vibe, all works out well. Unfortunately, today’s society (most of it) is not geared to that school of thought.

    To you, I throw your own words back at you: find a way to be “in the moment” and let satisfaction find its way to you.

    Glad that you hit the blog trail again, even if only for a day or so. Now . . . if only I could do the same. Great to see your words once again. Peace.

  2. Welp…it’s kinda funny that you talked about labels…in relationships…as we are also somehow forced to label our faith for the masses as well. I say no need for labels in either place. Our faith and level of love for persons we care about is inherent to us and really can’t be labeled…no two people will have the same view or level of passion about either area… because we are individuals. So…it kinda makes sense to just say the hell with the notion of having to add a label. Oversimplified…but I think the point was made.

    Watch out there now Ms. Unicorn…

  3. ~ What do you do if you think a girlfriend’s man is lying to her about being married to or “involved” with another woman? NOTHING. Allow it to run its course. Most times she will not believe you. Good luck with that boo.

    EXACTLY! Stay far, far away from that.

  4. Yes, I remember blackplanet. LOL. As far as twitter goes I’m still trying to figure that thing out.

    And I agree with Adrienne..me too

  5. I used to be a Black planet head! lmao. It got old and I got bored. I don’t twitter much but I do like reading some peoples “tweets” that’s what they call em right? lol

    I’m not big on labels. Never have been. I’m in a go with the flow type of situation as we speak. I’m just not hard pressed about relationships anymore. So I just go where the wind blows while keeping on my fluffy winter coat for protection. I’m not stupid! lol

    And religion *sigh* I don’t know what to say about it really. I believe what I believe and that’s all that matters to me. I have a personal relationship with My GOD that no one can change, alter or take away from me. And I personally love it that way. I do to church when I feel like it and when I don’t, I don’t go. That doesn’t make my belief any greater or less. It just is what it is.

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