Hate N Holla!!!

j0433816I have grown very tired of this fairly new euphemism “hatin“.  You’ve heard it before and I have even used it in jest when playfully suggesting a friend’s envy of some minor issue, object, event, etc., etc.

But what really pisses me the hell off are people who throw this term at others when they are expressing an opinion that differs from theirs. A commenter left such a diatribe here on my site regarding my post on Michael Jackson and most of my readers know me well enough to know I didn’t let that shit slide.  I, in turn, told the commenter to “fuck off“.

Now, I admit that was a bit harsh and yes, I could have addressed it differently but diplomacy is not my forte; never has been. I give it straight, no chaser. I considered apologizing but nah, I’m not going to backtrack. My response will stand as is, especially after the commenter invited me to “eat ass“, specifically, her ass. She’s a big broad too and  has enough ass to pass around for a Thanksgiving feast but I’ll have to respectfully decline. I prefer sausage, NOT fish.

tongueAnd since I knoooow she’s going to return to check out my response and will probably want to spit more shit, I’ve BLOCKED dat ass!

You will not see her comments (yes, she left more than one). Why not? Because this blog is not a democracy. I couldn’t give less than a dayum about being fair and allowing “FOOLS” to voice their bullshit on my spot.

With that being said….


::giggling my Chocl8t azz off::

5 thoughts on “Hate N Holla!!!

  1. :: taps foot :: the next time I cuss someone out and block them off OHN, you bet not have SHYT to say!

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