With 12 You Get Eggroll! 14 Gets Media All In Your Ass!

I hate mainstream media (MSM)! HATE them with a passion!!They have proved to be no better than bloodsucking parasites with no regard for a person’s privacy.

Case in point: the California mother who gave birth to octuplets earlier this week. Let’s review shall we.

8babiesWhen the news initially broke, the doctors at the hospital did not release the mother’s name and only gave information regarding the historical birth. Apparently this is only the second time a woman has given birth to eight babies.

The woman, whose name has not been released by the hospital, is only the second ever to give birth to octuplets. The hospital staff would not comment on whether she had received fertility drugs, which have been linked with instances of multiple births. [ABC News]

Did that stop MSM from digging around in this woman’s life and that of her relatives? HELL NO!! To make it worse a close family associate was flapping his/her gums to media that the mother already had 6 other children.

SIX?!!! WHAT THA HELL!!! Oh, the horror! How dare she! HOW. DARE. SHE!!

Media knew little about the woman until a family acquaintance told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Thursday that the mother is “fairly young” and lives with her parents and her six children.

Within hours, media had camped out at the family’s home inWhittier, where the babies’ grandfather pulled up in a minivan in the evening and briefly spoke to The Associated Press. [FoxNews]

Ooo weee…there’s blood in the water now! MSM is circling like a school of man eating sharks. BASTARDS!!

Oh but what makes my ass itch worse than an untreated yeast infection is muthafuggas are now questioning this woman’s choice and whether or not it was ethical for doctors to have implanted the embryos.

Watch the video HERE.

Ok so she already had 6 children.Why is this anyone’s gatdayum business? WHY? Who are you muthafuggas to question someone’s right to have children or how many? Unless she is asking you directly to take care of her children then people need to back the hell up!


Now, I don’t think this was the smartest decision a person could make given her circumstances. (According to reports she’s unwed and lives with her parents in a small home.) Howeverrrrr…I will defend her right to make that choice without judgment from a society hellbent on attempting to regulate what other people do with their lives.

I will also defend her right to privacy and offer my services to kick the ass of the person who put her business on blast to the media. MSM, notwithstanding, I loathe that little fugga worse than menstrual cramps and men with Vienna sausage sized weenies calling it a penis! I want to put my size nine foot up his/her ass side ways with a steel toe boot outfitted with spikes, laced with rubbing alcohol!

This country has turned into a bunch of bitchass, narrow-minded, frightened little hypocrites with nothing better to do than to peer into the lives of others passing judgement so they can feel better about themselves.

To this lot of people I say GO BITE A FAT ONE! Bitches.

My name is Chocl8t and I approved this message.

Speak on it….

9 thoughts on “With 12 You Get Eggroll! 14 Gets Media All In Your Ass!

  1. Well, I wish her well. I hope she gets help, she will need it. She needs to get the book by Kate Gosselin. Maybe it will be a help. It’s a big responsiblity for a single woman. She has family, and that’s good.

  2. OK… you ranted, now I’m going to rant. The mainstream media gets into this woman’s private life and publicly judges her negatively for her choice to become the parent of 14 children. You claim to hate the mainstream media for questioning the ethics of it. You shout that it’s none of our business.

    Then you use your blog- a form of mass media- to publicly chide the woman yourself! (“Now, I don’t think this was the smartest decision a person could make given her circumstances..”)

    Even more ironically, the information you use to judge her came from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

  3. Wow girl, were you having a bad day?! LOL! I don’t judge her decision to have 14 kids without a spouse but I do question her sanity. As a mother of 2 with a spouse, I find myself overwhelmed at times, I couln’t imagine having 12 more! I’ll send a prayer up for her, she’s going to need it!

  4. As more and more time passes I too am beginning to question her mental well-being and the ethical & professional conduct of the doctor who implanted the embryos.

  5. My turn now, I’m sorry, but I thought we lived in a Free Country. What upsets me most about all this, is the media hype…..they are the ones benefiting from this family. They are the ones creating all this controversy and are still digging for more dirt as we speak. Why not pay her, help her take care of these kids, she didn’t plan on 8 at one time. Her choices are hers, maybe having 8 at once is how God is helping her to take care of her whole family, through generous donations and paid appearances, and book offers. Let them alone…everyone jumping on this band wagon is doing more harm then good. The papers, magazines, tv shows and all should pay her….she is the story. Let them foot the bill, instead of the taxpayers. But, I would rather my tax dollars go to help this AMERICAN FAMILY, than some of the stupid things our Government pays for now.
    So, please leave them alone, both my grandparents had 13 or more kids, and no one ostracized them or threatened to take them away because of how many they had, so why should we.
    I have always had a problem with people who thrive on tearing someone down, because they are different, or there choices don’t seem to be of the norm. Not very Christian is it? Instead of gossiping about someones problems….see what you can do to help. It doesn’t have to be money…just not being judgemental is help enough.

  6. Man, oh, man – please don’t let me EVER get you angry at me!! But, you’re right – MSM is full of low-down, ignant, stoopid b$tards. I hate them, as well, and probably even more so than you. As for the fam that opened up the mouth, I pity them when she finds out who it was. Peace.

  7. @ Cathy – help? help her? For real? WTF should she be given any freakin help after deciding to become a gatdayum human breeder? That woman is batshyt crazy and not mentally stable!! I also come from a family where grandparents had a slew of kids but that was mainly due to the fact that birth control wasn’t available in the form a pill nor would it have been affordable! Then too, ppl had large families in rural areas to help work the land.

    I’ve been putting off writing a follow-up about this demented chick because as it turns out I jumped to her defense to a right to privacy when it is NOW obvious she WANTED the media attention in an effort to whore out her story.

  8. @ Chocl8t -If she has to “whore” out her story to support these kids….then whore away. I would too to help my children. I would do most anything (legally) to get my kids what they need.
    I just think we all need to stay out of other peoples business, unless there is evidence of harm. So you’re a psychiatrist now? You know she is crazy, or you just can’t fathom someone wanting alot of kids?
    The parents are what surprise me….even if my parents didn’t agree with my choices…they would never embarrass me or themselves by making statements to the Press, like what I have read her parents have said. This world is too “Jerry Springer for me”

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