Born Again Virgins – Does That Mean I Can Call a Mulligan?

inbed2I had never heard of this before the other day when watching clips from The View where they had a bemusing chat on the issue. See the video HERE.

As it turns out there are many women out there “reclaiming” their virginity by opting to abstain from any further sexual activity. Basically, they’re choosing celibacy. The reasons vary from religious beliefs to emotional burnout.

I found the following bit of information on-line while researching this topic:

Donna Marie Williams, author of SENSUAL CELIBACY, claims there are several celibate categories:

Include nuns, monks, and priests. Sexual abstinence is dictated as part of their vows and vocation.
(No viable career choices here for me)

Are individuals who have enjoyed sex in the past (or maybe not) and are now quite content to live without it. Some widows and seniors might fall into this category.
(I plan on bonin’ till I’m dead…maybe I’ll die in the midst of the act. Oh Happy Day)

Are committed to abstaining from sex until marriage.
(HA!! Too late! Another reason to stay on my knees.)

Are women who are involved in passionate love affairs. They consider themselves celibate because they are not indulging in intercourse, but come pretty darned close.
(These beoyatches are teases and are prone to ass beatings if you ask me.)

Deliberately excuse themselves from the dating arena in order to heal from emotional or physical trauma. Some women in this category have been victims of domestic violence, rape, or the death of a spouse.

Remain celibate until involved in a monogamous, committed relationship that may or may not lead to marriage.


inbedDeciding to be celibate is one thing. I can understand and support anyone’s decision to do so. Claiming yourself to be a “born again VIRGIN“? Uhm…not so much.

I think you’re full of shit and you’re not fooling anyone but yourself. You’re sure as hell not going to fool the next man you bone and you’re definitely not fooling God – He was there the last time you were face down, ass up biting a pillow screaming “OH GOOODDDD OH GOOOODDD!!! OH. MYYY. GAA—HAAAAAD. Nah, you’re not fooling Him sweetie.

Baby girl this isn’t golf, you can’t call a Mulligan or a “do-over”. Well, not unless you decide to go all radical and shyt like some women who are actually turning to surgical procedures to restore their virginity – surgical replacement of the hymen, the small membrane that stretches from the walls of the vagina.

WHAT THE HELL are they thinking?!!! Why the hot ass hell would I opt to become a “real” virgin again experiencing the pain and awkwardness like the first encounter?

Hell no!! I’ll pass thank you very much!

What about you? Where do you stand on the matter?

12 thoughts on “Born Again Virgins – Does That Mean I Can Call a Mulligan?

  1. I think that you can say, you meet someone and decide to wait until your married to consumate the relationship, but to say you are “born again” I don’t think can happen. You only loose your virginity once in life and that can never be recaptured.

  2. I agree with ya homie. While I think i fit into one of those dreaded categories mentioned above, I certainly dont see myself as born again virgin.

    I’m just a chick who aint gettin none right now lol

    Dem broads u tombout are crazy.

    and yep i hope to die with jibby in hand,mouth or honeypot 🙂

  3. Hi. First time here. I’m going through a stage of celibacy right now. I fall under the burn out category. It’s been almost four months now, and I have to tell you that this was absolutely necessary for me. For me, it really isn’t worth it banging at any cost. I’m not doing this because I feel morally superior, it’s that I have made some pretty stupid mistakes just to get some. And I’m too old for that.

  4. The “born again” phrase comes from born again christian. Many feel that anytime you recommit yourself to something you’re basically starting over. Technically no, one can’t be considered a virgin once they’ve engage in sex, however, metaphorically they are a born again virgin once they’ve made the conscious decision to refrain from sexual contact until marriage.

    Whatever the reason one decides to change, I applaud the effort. It takes a strong person to push away society’s version of how we are supposed to live our lives.

  5. The ONLY time that I’m celibate is when I just can’t find one willing woman at all! As for the “technical celibates” you may be right – they’re looking to be physically hurt. I know for a fact that I do not need to be dedicated to a woman and still be horny. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Once you’ve done it, it’s done for good. Peace.

  6. I think the decision to become celibate for some is an effort to grow beyond the physical – but to call it “Born Again” is kind of absurd. Just as absurd as referring to a “Pregnant Man” that is actually a woman.

  7. I agree with Carlo, physically no you can’t go back (Unless you want to go the route of surgery..eewwww) but metaphorically I understand the concept. I have been celibate for about 6 years, I rededicated my self to God. far as being a virgin… it’s been so darn long I may as well be!!! I plan to remarry eventually, he gets the goodies!

  8. I’m in one of those categories, but being a born again Virgin…, umm, I’ll find that out when I cross that bridge. I’m chillin’, thrillin’ and hillin’ right now and that’s cool. But to retie yo hymen is stupid. Nobody goes that freekin’ far! I think that men will go back to their first love and that is a real woman who can hold it down without following the crowd. More and more females really don’t wanna get laid by erthang they meet, but are afraid of what society will label them as!

  9. i dont know which catagory i fall under all i know is that i am in love with a man who is not in love with me; so i am taking some time out to heal my soul and my heart because thats what i deserve. no i am not a born again virgin it hurt so bad the first time y would i want to go through that again and any female that would is crazy

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