T.I. Could Get It!!!

Yeah. I said it! T.I. could get it!!!

Clifford J. Harris Jr’s stock has just increased in my book and he can “have whatevah he liiiikes“. 😉

Like most convicted felons, T.I. was under the impression he could not vote in this historical election. Aaaah, but don’t underestimate true grit, determination and the desire to be informed.

T.I. originally thought his voting privileges were revoked as a convicted felon, until he researched and learned that under a Georgia law felons are eligible if they’re not currently serving probation or a prison sentence.

It’s a relief,” said the best-selling rapper, who stood in line for no more than 10 minutes on Wednesday before entering a polling center in suburban Atlanta to vote for the first time in his life.

“This what it is all about, not staying up late and waking up early to vote,” he added. “Now rather than just talking about it, I’m being about it. I’m leading by example, and it makes me feel a lot better.”  [SOURCE]

 Oh, that made me HAWT!! HAWT likeFIYA!! 😛

Maybe more young cats will take a page from T.I.’s book and not settle for what someone might have told them….or go on what they’ve “heard” in the streets!! Pick up a book, go to the library, make a few phone calls and find out THE TRUTH for your dayum self!!!

Props to T.I. for setting a great example right here!!

5 thoughts on “T.I. Could Get It!!!

  1. ain’t it the truth! Nothing sexier than a well educated smart man. I loves me a smart man. mmmmmm….mmmmm….good

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