Random Thoughts

Last week I had trouble sleeping and my nerves had my stomach doing flip flops. I had a small gathering of friends at my home last Friday which turned out well. I cooked and my guests supplied the wine. It was a lot of work involved but not surrounding the cooking but the preparation (sweeping the garage, changing out a blown light on the front porch, cleaning the interior of the house). Even so, I enjoyed the food, the wine, and the company. 😉 I’m looking forward to the next one!

I had the house to myself for an entire week. For those who don’t know, I have a close friend living with me because she’s going through a major life transition and needed a place to live for a while. I’m not certain how long she’ll be with me though. But last week, I had the house to myself and enjoyed it immensely! It’s been been three months. It’s been a challenge. It’s been enlightening. I want my space back. 😐

I have had a couple of crazy dreams. Monday night I dreamed of a school of fish that I could see right below the surface of the water. It seemed like it was thousands of fish. When I awakened I thought, “Uh-oh”. I know the old wives tale that someone is pregnant when you dream of fish. Well, rest assured, it isn’t me! That’s for dayum sure since I haven’t been doing anything to get “knocked up”, unfortunately. 😐

With that in mind though, I did have a “first kiss” moment with someone. 😀 WHEW LAAAWWD! 

The next dream was just last night. A fighter jet landed and a man got out and started hunting people. I was one of those people running through the streets not able to find a place to hide…not able to run fast enough to escape. UGH!! I hate those kind of dreams!!!

It has taken me nearly all of my life to come to the realization that I shouldn’t take advice from people who aren’t following those same “pearls of wisdom“. Women, in particular, are infamous for giving other girlfriends advice, especially about men. The very thing that girlfriend warns you about or strongly admonishes you to do or not to do, she’s probably doing that very thing herself.  Girl, sweep your own stoop before worrying about what’s going on with me over here…mmmkay.

It’s getting cold. Snuggling weather is here. A few Erykah Badu lyrics come to mind…

I want somebody to walk up behind me
And kiss me on my neck
And breath…on my neck


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I guess Nana’s gonna have to come to ATL and get you and the “first kiss” guy together soon. Weather’s gonna be too cold to snuggle alone. We gotta speed this stuff up.

  2. Girl, it could be worse. The guy walking up behind you to kiss you on the neck breathing all over it could have stank breath and be a mama’s boy. All kidding aside tho, it’ll happen on God’s timetable so I’m gonna pray that he hurries it up a bit for you. (((Choc)))) 🙂

  3. LOL @ your first dream. God may be tellin’ you you’re VERY fertile so be careful! As far as the second dream I would say it seems as though you’re afraid of something and you can’t find a place to hide cause God wants you to face that fear……..that kiss encounter, perhaps?!

  4. @ Nana – good things comes to those who wait patiently. At least that’s what I’m hoping. 😉

    @ Kimmy – **shudders** Eewww!

    @ Mike – I know right? That’s what another 4 yrs of Republicans will feel like! 😐

    @ Min – Ooh…do that again! 😉

    @ EVE – Nah, that kiss didn’t scare me. It did do other things to me but I sure as hell wasn’t scared!!! 😛

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