I’m A Ho…Ya Know I’m A Ho!!

Well, well, well…whaddya know. Former presidential candidate, John “Straight-Laced” Edwards has finally admitted to an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter. A tabloid rag first broke this story a few weeks ago but I wanted to see how this played out before weighing in on the situation. Read the story HERE.

I’m not shocked by this bit of news. Nope, not one bit. Not one iota. But I think what disgusts me more than anything is the fact that he cheated on his wife while she was going through (is still going through) her health crisis. (Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with incurable bone cancer.)

I guess John-John thought the minister was bullshitting around when he said “…in sickness and in health” during those wedding vows. Yeah, that part didn’t really apply to him. But not to worry cause John-John claims the affair didn’t start until Elizabeth’s cancer was in remission.

Well HOT DAYUM!!!…that makes all the difference in the world.

So sorry, excuse me for being so…so…presumptuous. Did your wedding vows go into remission too? Did they go on vacation?

John…you’re a DICK!!

Oh, and don’t get me started on that home wrecker, Rielle Hunter! Pssst…ever heard of Karma? She’s a bitch girrrl…a real mean bitch and she’s gunnin’ fo dat azz!!

7 thoughts on “I’m A Ho…Ya Know I’m A Ho!!

  1. I received an email from Simon over at Blogasm.com. It’s worth reading.

    —– Original Message —-
    From: Simon Owens
    To: iamchocl8t@yahoo.com
    Sent: Friday, August 8, 2008 7:40:28 PM
    Subject: A news tip for the Chocl8t Diaries

    Hey, I read your post about John Edwards finally admitting to his affair. I don’t know if you remember this, but the LA Times banned its bloggers from writing about the Edwards affair story because they didn’t think the National Enquirer was a “reputable” source. I actually got a phone interview with one of the LA Times’ top editors who said so:


    I bet the National Enquirer is feeling vindicated right now.

    Anyway, I thought you and your readers would find this humorous.

    Take care,


  2. I would dare say the National Enquirer is indeed feeling vindicated. But can you really blame mainstream media and the general public for their skeptism given NE’s repuation? The flip side of that is…how much truth is there to the rest of their stories? Interesting.

  3. I’m so sick of all these figures in the public eye, and in Washington, treating their marriages so lightly. So groupies don’t just go after musicians huh. And now the “other women” are making sure they have a child, for what, financial security? Please, spouses, male or female, honor your marriage vows, and other men or women, there’s plenty of single people around – try them out would ya. If the person will cheat on one spouse, they’ll cheat on another, how could you ever trust or be trusted. I just hope they don’t beat the Edwards infidelity with a stick until you don’t want to hear it anymore. He did it, he’s confessed, now move on and report about all the brave men and women who are in Iraq and Afghanistan and push to bring them home. Peace out.

  4. Choc! Very well put! What the hell does remission have to do with it? WHat a very poor and disgusting way to try and make it sound better. Dick is right! And WTH, his wife is saying she’s “proud of him” for being honest about it. I’d be alot of things with my husband if he cheated with or without a terminal disease but proud would NOT be one of them.


  5. I just think he’s doing what any other man would do. He isn’t perfect and politicians should not be treated as perfect people. They have as many issues as most of us regular people. Maybe they should be an example, but maybe not. They are human beings, though. However, the cheating seems pretty despicable because his wife was ill and still is. I think that we all have to give an account of what we have done in this life and his day will come. But I do think that if Elizabeth has chosen to forgive him, then it is between him and her. No one ever knows what goes on in a marriage– but tat the same time this should not be a top story. Look at how many Republicans have cheated on their wives– this is nothing new. The other woman should have known better– and she looks like a horse– I thought that when you cheat, you are supposed to upgrade???<> I know that looks don’t matter– this woman seems like an opportunist and Edwards was weak and felt flattered with his ego being nurtured– men are weaker than women are in that respect.

  6. We all seem to agree…Edwards is a “DICK” just like any other married man that cheats. I don’t care if he’s a celebrity or politician…hell he could be the postman….cheat on your sick wife and that makes you a DICK.

    And regardless of whether or not Elizabeth forgave him he still has to answer to a higher one. But as I stated before…Karma is gunnin for dat azz!!!

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