A New Day & Fresh Air

I needed a change of scenery. Maybe the flowers will lighten the mood. 🙂

While reading comments on recent posts, I came across Blackstarr. Clicking on the name directed me to their site, The Renaissance For The New Millennium. I was pleasantly surprised to find a brief summary of The Chocl8t Diaries in the article “We Are Not Alone” where they called your girl “a veritable African-American Aphrodite“.  Awwwe…thanks guys!! 😉 Check them out when you have a chance!

Yesterday’s post on the controversial Obama in ’08 t-shirt brought out some crazy, hate-filled, angry people who attempted to pollute my air with their racial epithets and overall nastiness. Not to worry, the comments did not see the light of day for I deleted them. Dissenting opinions are welcome but I refuse to tolerate the name calling. I find it ironic how the anonymity of the internet allows cowards to spew their venom without fear of reprisal but they wouldn’t have the cojones to say these things to your face. Throwing rocks and hiding their hands… (shaking my head).

Today is a new day. A fresh start. Take a deep cleansing breath and let’s keep it moving! 🙂

For those of you who may need a good laugh…

10 thoughts on “A New Day & Fresh Air

  1. That was truly funny! We all need a laugh to keep from crying, now and then, She was too funny.

    Thanks for the exposure. We are just starting out and need all the help that we can get. It’s appreciated. As we are still in the “start-up” phase, we are learning much. There is such a great platform out there in blogsphere to let off steam, get things rolling, and just have some good, clean comradery. It’s a shame that there are those who have no decorum about themselves and must resort to hate in order to mask their lack of education. As I like to say “If you can’t take the criticism after leaving a comment, you need to take your toys and go home”. I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I say and expect to reap the fallout which follows. Blogging is a wonderful way to voice opinion and “get it off your chest”. Pity that the bad apples can’t see that.

    Thanks again for the “shout-out”, and I (we) will return. Peace.

  2. It’s great that you deleted the hate-filled comments. A lot of folks would’ve left the vitriol-filled stuff in their comments section to generate debate and thus get more hits for their website. It’s nice to see that you have integrity. Check out my blog if you want.

    Cartoons here: http://spinachflame.wordpress.com/

  3. Like I just said on AJ’s blog, I’m glad someone turned on the glare of the houslights to expose the roaches. Anyone who has been keeping their head under the sand in the bliss of denial officially has no choice but to come up for air and see the reality of how things really are.


  4. I know what you mean. I did a piece on the child who stole his grandmother’s car and crashed into a whole neighborhood of stuff, then had the audacity to tell a cop and news crew that, “it’s fun to do bad things!” After I posted it, I got some crazy who decided to blame the child’s behavior on his race. I don’t know how he got that out of my post. I didn’t mention the child’s race, I made no mention of his name or family, just that I was horrified that he said such a thing and that he was proud of what he had done. Darn crazy man decided it was his job to educate me on his opinions of race and child rearing. What a dumbass! I had to turn on the comment moderator so I could filter him out. I don’t need someone giving me a bunch of hooey from their small minded selves!

  5. @Blackstarr – Yes, I watched it several times yesterday just to get another giggle! I’ve added you to my Blogroll and will also be a regular reader! Welcome to the Blogosphere!! 🙂

    @ Spinach – my favorite veggie!! I’ll be sure to check you out soon!!

    @ AJ – Thanks for the hugs!!

    @IW – Giiiirrrlll, it’s gonna get a lot uglier before it gets any better. For realz!!! 😉

    LOL @ Blonde – a bunch of hooey…Boy, do I know what you mean!!! 🙂

  6. I agree with your statements about people spewing hate because they can remain anonymous behind a computer screen. Its really sad that they apparently live such miserable lives that they have to ‘try’ and bring people into their misery! I think you did the best thing you can do…take their platform away…after all, they can always start their own blog for their hate and venom 🙂

    I wonder how many people would take the time to pollute their minds?

  7. @ Chocolate – it didn’t get to me too badly. The ability to delete the nonsense does help!! 😉

    @ NCarnes – You know, right? Take that foolishness to your own place…LOL

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