Old School Friday – #10

After 2 days, 1 AT&T DSL network outage, 2 RamalamaDingDongs in Bangladesh, 1 Geechie in South Carolina, 1 manager named Brian, and 2 hours troubleshooting a problem that should have taken only 15 minutes, I finally have my Internet connection again. This incident brought to my attention just how addicted I am to being able to surf the net. Without it, I was pacing the hall like a $5 crack whore jones’in for my next fix. It wasn’t pretty. 🙂

I’m a little late with my OSF post but better late than never, right? This week’s theme was to pick a vocalist you wanted to be like and state the reason. My pick was pretty easy. This lady is known as a Diva and an international superstar. She has a decent voice and has been in the entertainment industry for 40+ years. However, this isn’t why I admire her. When I saw the following interview my level of respect for her jumped tenfold.

Diana “The Boss” Ross has a reputation of being tempermental and demanding but the interview shows her close loving relationship with her five children. Unlike many celebrities today, Ms. Ross didn’t allow a nanny to raise her children. With the help of her mom Ms. Ross remained a “hands on” mother. Somehow she managed her career without sacrificing her relationship with her children. For that I say, “KUDOS“!!

Another part of the interview. WARNING: the quality is not good.

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Mrs Grapevine    

9 thoughts on “Old School Friday – #10

  1. Choc, how wonderful is this. With Mother’s Day around the corner, this is a beautiful reminder that Mom being an important part of their children’s lives does matter. As my contacts become glassy from tears, I salute all Mothers whether they’ve given birth to or adopted their child(ren)thank you for being someone who cares enough to make a difference. It’s a hard job, and sometimes thankless, but what you are doing is and always will be important to your childrens lives. Get involved, and never, ever, give up.

  2. That was beautiful…I have always admired the fact that Diana raised her kids…she didn’t hand them off, she didn’t shuttle them anywhere…she raised them and it shows in their love and commitment to her.

    Bravo for your choice!

  3. Sometimes we forget celebrities are real and get caught up in the drama and headlines. That was such a beautiful moment. “You’re my song”. You just might make a fan of me, yet.

  4. I had Internet issues all day also and had to reinstall the OS on my pc!
    Awesome pick! Diana certainly is the Diva Of All Divas!!
    And has left a definite mark on history!!

  5. All I can say is when I was growing up in my household her name was avoided like the plague. My mother never forgave her for the whole Supremes thing. She felt she had a hand in the group’s demise and premature death of one of the singers. I don’t know the full story so I can’t really comment. I do like some of her music though. I am a big fan of Tracy Ellis and all the acting work she has done. A woman who raises someone like Tracy can’t be all that bad, then again…

  6. Diana Ross! One of the original divas! My mom’s is a big Diana fan and I am too actually. I really like ‘I’m Coming Out’! Though that song takes on a different meaning today [thanks a lot Ellen Degeneres], the song is one of my favorite Diana Ross tunes.

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