What Would You Do?

A friend fowarded the following link to me yesterday. To say the least, it is very disturbing.

Initially, I only viewed the first 30 seconds because I got so angry. Angry because:

  1. no one intervened on the elderly lady’s behalf
  2. the total lack of concern by other passengers
  3. the young men in the background egging on the ignorance
  4. the state of (some) youth today.

Watch for yourself. Then tell me, would you have intervened or kept it moving?

What has happened to not only our young people but to us as a whole that we refuse to speak out and take some action. What if this was your mother or grandmother?

Watch the video here: Crazy Woman On The Train



2 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Choc, this is a hard one! We all joked about it yesterday but
    honestly I don’t know what I would have done. I have been
    riding the train the past few weeks and it’s been interesting. You mos def see a lot of wierdos. Before I took on this endeavor a friend of mine,who is a native New Yorker, rode with me and gave me the ends and outs of it. No eye contact, if someone acts erratic totally ignore them. There is NO security on the train, nor do they check your person for any weaponry. The elderly lady did the right thing, totally ignore the fool. Sometimes defense only fuels the fire and makes a bad situation worse. I for one would not have been able to sit back and stay mum if a physical altercation had taken place. Some of the youth today have NO morals and No value for life. That crazy beeyotch could have
    easily knifed the elderly lady or anyone else and thought nothing of it.

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