Kinky Freak

Having a blog hosted by WordPress allows you to view your blogs stats. I author two blogs and view their stats quite regularly. Okay, everyday. tee hee hee

I know there are a lot of crazy strange people out there in cyberspace doing all kinds of kinky shyt on the Internet. However, while looking at the stats today I was like “W.T.H! Are you kidding me?” Somebody really typed “beating myself with a belt” in a search engine and The Chocl8t Diaries came up? Gett. Outt.!!

Then I thought who would want to beat themselves with a belt? Ole nasty kinky azzes!!


9 thoughts on “Kinky Freak

  1. Choc, you holding out on us? Maybe something like that appeared in a story you provided. I know it’s not my sweet Choc. 😉

  2. Thanks for adding link. I have returned the favor as well. If you see in your stats links coming from you’ll know who it is.
    See ya around the blogosphere. Peace.

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