Old School Fridays – 4

I grew up on MTV back in the 80s when all they aired were videos and long before they changed their formatting to include these reality TV programs. Thank God!! I got my taste of rock. So for the next few O.S.F.s, I will be rediscovering my rock & roll roots.

Although I think MTV was “unbalanced” because of its failure to air black musicians’ videos, it did expose a generation of black teens, like myself, to music other than R&B and the emerging Rap genre.

MTV was accused of being racist, which they countered by suggesting that few black artists recorded the kind of music that MTV featured (certainly a circular argument – their playlist resulted from demographic studies of a predominantly white audience). A particularly blatant example of racial exclusion was MTV’s rejection of 5 Rick James videos even though Street Songs had sold over 4 million copies. At the time, they were playing Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.”



(Embedding has been disabled. Click the link below.)


(Embedding has been disabled. Click the link below.)


Be sure to visit all O.S.F. participants…cause the party ain’t ova! )

1. Quick
2. Regina
3. Cassandra
4. Chocl8t (hey, that’s me!)
6. AJ
7. Rosemarie
8. Marcus LANGFORD
9. Lisa C
10. Kreative Talk
11. LaShonda
12. invisiblewoman
13. sHaE-sHaE
14. Mrs. Grapevine

7 thoughts on “Old School Fridays – 4

  1. So the babies on the sidebar are so cute. I got a little side tracked.

    I think Marcus will be happy, I know he loves some Journey. I on the other hand never really got into Journey, at this time I was too busy listening to the Culture Club and the Eurythmics.

    I also preferred the harder side of Rock, I listened to a lot of Guns-N-Roses, Areosmith, and Bon Jovi. You play Janie Got A Gun or Dead or Alive, I’ll get crunk.

    I do like the Police, and you know the classic is “Every Breath You Take.”

  2. Choc, I can listen to the music. They say they are no longer available. I do like Old Skool Friday, here and on the exiles blog. It’s fun. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hey Choc,
    I agree with Ms.G, I was never really a fan of Journey but I do like the Police’s “Every Breath You Take”. Soooo you wanna go outside the box huh?! I think Lisa C did Bee Gees last week.

  4. Choc…Journey!? Faithfully is one of my very favorite karaoke songs…I used to bring the house down with this one!

    ::tooting my own horn::

    Uh, oh…I need to add some songs to my list…I may need to extend into Saturdays! tee hee hee…

  5. MrsG – the babies are my nephews! I can just eat ’em up!! Psst…you should like my picks for next week! 🙂

    Regina – this really isn’t so out of my box. LOL I actually like aome rock! MrsG mentioned Guns N Roses and Aerosmith…LOVE EM!! 🙂

    Go on witcho bad self Ma Marvalous!!! 🙂

  6. My senior prom voted for a Journey song. Dang, that’s old school!

    Sting is still goin’ strong!

    You have now got me thinking about my next week’s choice. Thanks!

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