Chocl8t Funk Busters!

Well, that didn’t last too long, thankfully.  🙂

This is a looong one, so bare with me…ya girl is working some things out.

I was driving home last night trying to figure out the catalyst of my short-lived funk and came to the realization it wasn’t one specific thing but a combination of several that hit me in rapid succession.

Snow days for a single, unattached, sex deprived woman is NOT A GOOD THING! Last week there were 2 snow days in Atlanta and if you know anything about the south, you know that one snow day is enough to shut a city down. The last snow day was Saturday and I was confined to the house all day with nothing to snuggle but a dayum body pillow. WTH!

daddy.jpgMLK holiday is BIG in Atlanta – really big. So, all last week the promos were running on local channels about the different events honoring Dr. King on January 21st. That date is ringing in my head. January 21st? What is it about that date? For the entire week, that date is needling me, gnawing at my conscious. January 21st. Then while watching Oprah’s show on Monday, it hit me like a Mack truck – DADDY! January 21st marked the 11th anniversary of my daddy’s, Warren “Bubba” M., death. I was a “daddy’s girl” to the core and he spoiled me rotten. I still miss him.

With two of the “funk triggers” identified, I figured a good early morning workout would propel me back to my “happy place“. Set the alarm for 5:00 A.M. Tuesday morning. I turned over in the bed to peep the clock…6:00. Six o’clock!!! DAYUM! DAYUM! DAYUM!

Downward spiral to funky town is now complete! The Chocl8t Funk has commenced.

A big heart-felt THANK YOU to The Bully, Regina, Dark Brotha, AJ, and Invisible Woman for leaving me notes of encouragement. Bully thinking my eyebrows are always “on point” made me giggle. Since I can’t take DBs advice and get away (too many looming deadlines at work), I took AJ’s advice to focus on the positives. IW, the lemon-drop martinis are on the weekend menu. 🙂

Now, on to the things that make me smile, give me enjoyment or make me all tingly-wingly.

skyjay.jpgSkylar & Jalen – How can I not smile. Despite Skylar’s fierce independent streak and stubborn defiance, he alone has reinforced my desire for children. Jalen is only 2 months but he is the strong silent type who keeps his fist balled up just in case something jumps off…he’s gonna be my road dawg!

Writing – As a Technical Writer for a software development company, I am blessed to write for a living but the creativity is limited to user guides, release notes, installation and upgrade procedures. I get my creative fix by being the author of 2 blogs, this one and American Idol – The Exiles. So any time someone gives me a compliment that my writing made them laugh or encourages me to continue, I am grateful. Invisible Woman, a fellow blogger, gave me a shout out over at On The Black Hand Side, in her “20 Questions” interview; AJ, brought me on as a guest contributor on her blog, Over Analyze It  and I hope she hasn’t fired me because it has been a minute since I’ve posted anything; and Tracey H. is a joy to be around…full of positive energy, she also sidelines as a matchmaker! She paid me a wonderful compliment about my writing and is encouraging me to pursue my dream of writing a book, although I haven’t yet figured out what it will be about. Thanks to each of you! 🙂

W.F.H.W. – Work From Home Wednesdays!! LOVE IT!

car_fx_photo.jpgChocl8t’s Whip– Infiniti FX 35 – this is my ride. No, not my dream car…this is my car! Since it only gets 19.5 miles per gallon and my daily commute is 104 miles, I don’t drive it to work. But  on the weekends….Oooo, Jesus be a radar detector! Black Obsidian, black leather interior, 275 hp, V6, 300-watt, 11 speaker Bose audio…my toes curl just at the thought. If you happen to see me cruising around the ATL with my moniker, Chocl8t, on the license plate, HOLLA…if you can catch up and keep up. …Wipe me down! 🙂

tv.jpgThe Boob Tube – I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in front of 52 inches of pure bliss watching Blockbuster videos. My favorite? Lord of the Rings. Lights out, volume up! I feel like I’m at Regal Cinemas except, there’s no popcorn on the floor, no talkative couple sitting behind me and no overpriced concessions.

Rounding out my favorite things is a nice workout at the gym, a long hot bath and the backrest I just purchased from Target ($12 well spent). 🙂

If anything good comes out of a funk is the deeper appreciation you have for the things you love but tend to get lost in the haze. I am thankful that I was reminded. Thankful, indeed….


12 thoughts on “Chocl8t Funk Busters!

  1. Welcome back from FunkyTown! Sorry to hear about your father. Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with him.

    Girl, I like your ride. Next time your feeling down, just drive over here to Texas and take me for a

  2. so is the body pillow a necessity or is it superfluous? don’t answer that! 🙂

    P.S. nice blog. i’m still waiting for that NOOK!

  3. @ was mos def the coolest cat! The next time I’m cruising that way, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    @ Slausin…you got it! We’ll head over to Texas and scoop up AJ 🙂

    @ t…LMAO @ “NOOK”! In the absence of a warm, hard, male body..the pillow is mos def an unfulfilling, increasingly frustrating necessity. heh, heh, heh 🙂 (never ask me a question and expect me NOT to answer) Oh, BTW…glad you like the blog… 😉

  4. Glad the funk is over! Keep up the awesome writing cuz it IS a gift and I know I’ve said it 25 times but those babies could not be any cuter!!!

  5. Choc, if you drive on down to Texas Country – Nana’s is the first place you have to go.

    I remember losing my Dad too. We had been close since my Mom’s death in 1971. I lost Dad in 1997, July 9th to be exact. I still talk to him – have to, I used to discuss a lot of things with him. I can see how that could leave you “funked”. But girl, you’ve got it going on. That certain someone (may the OC) maybe right around the corner. Never settled, you deserve more. And he has to pass the Nana test first! Car is a guy magnet for sure. And your writing, as I’ve always told you, is very good. I never see a flaw. So, keep doing what ya doing, and I’ll be here to see ya through.

  6. Great write up Choc.. Totally agree when in a funk it’s best to look at all the positive things about your life and be thankful.
    Keep up the great job and know you are truly appreciated!!

  7. Welcome back! I know what the funk can be like. It’s about nothing and everything @ the same time. It seems like you are back in action. Good for you! I look forward to reading more of your writing. Peace! 😉

  8. You do truly have a gift Choc. But don’t let that go to your head. You wouldn’t want a big head to weigh down your already small stature. And WTH is wrong with you driving 104 miles a day for work. Please my 10 each day is starting to get on my nerves.

  9. Sorry I commented on the wrong page. As I said over there, don’t let the funk get you down girl. When I have those moods I just take a moment, hour, day whatever and embrace it. I put on my saddest cd, wallow in my mood and have a good cry, when I’m done the mood is gone and I have a brighter outlook about everything. Works for me.

    P.S. Carla, 10 miles, WTH? That ain’t NO commute! Trust, when you sit on 285 30 mins. going and coming, tht’s a commute.

  10. Also, the next time you’re feelin the funk, girl jump in yo ‘whip’, put in Tupac’s “Picture me Rollin” and ride out! LOL.

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