Poetry Mixed With Laughter – Just What I Need

After seeing what the worst of humanity can look like, I needed something to bring a smile to my face.

Adele Givens

Erykah Badu

5 thoughts on “Poetry Mixed With Laughter – Just What I Need

  1. Girl Adel is tough. I’d not viewed that before. I needed a little light hearted break too. We live in a jacked up society don’t we. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Hey Chocl8t, This has nothing to do with the Poetry thing I just wanted to give you props. I was recently introduced to your humor and your site by accident. I was reading Oh Hell Nawl, another location of laughter. I swear I was laughing so much ( it was the comments about the guy killing and cooking parts of his girlfriend, very, very sad by the way) and the Coco camel toe chromicles) that I had to close the site, you are way to funny. OMG! where do you get it. I visit here now everyday for my daily dose of laffs. Keep um coming. Also I would like to add that I saw Uncle Rukus on BET the other night in a suit going under the psydonem (sorry no spell check) of Bob Johnson. He was bad mouthing Barack and I was like damm Unk can’t we all just git along.
    Peace, Blessing and Prosperity 2 U

  3. @ Anon…I’m glad you decided to post a comment. Next time, let me know your name so I can address you by name. 🙂 The folks over at O’ Hell Nawl are hilarious and will have you falling out your chair laughing! Peace, blessing and properity to you too! Come back soon!!

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