I Laughed – Part II

…didn’t know there was going to be a Part II huh? Neither did I! 😉

While discussing the funny stuff that is NOT usually Kat Williams, in my opinion, some of you mentioned one of my favorite comedians, Bernie Mac. Made me nostalgic for some of his early stand-up routines. You know I had to go to YouTube! I swear… you can find just about anything on YouTube…Slaus, you find Viv’s sex tape yet? 🙂 HAA!

While there, I came across another early performance of a favorite of mine, Chris Tucker.


I’m Blessed…Big BoneDed..Heavy Structured…

…Stir Like Mother****ing Coffee


Momma I’m Coming….

10 thoughts on “I Laughed – Part II

  1. I THOUGHT I had found the sex tape but that wasnt even it…

    Oh and CHris Tuckers appearence of def Jam is CLASSIC!!!!

    I said damn mama daaaaaaaaamn!

    ANd if anyone has a copy of the first DL HUGhley standup on hbo, i will pay you some $$$$. The one where he was like: God Please kill Mommmma!! That Bitch aint right!!! SHe is fucking it up for EVERYONE!!!!

  2. Saw something on Media Fake Out…it looked like her, but can’t be 100%…it was only a short snippet. I guess I don’t need to see any more than that when I think about it tho!

  3. I also saw the media take out tape…..it’s inconclusive. If she is on tape I hope it never makes it to the net….we have too many of our celebrities being disgraced.

  4. The funny thing is when you said Bernie’s early performances the first thing I thought about was Def Comedy Jam. Sir it like Coffee. LOL. Classic.

  5. @ Slaus – I think the special you’re looking for is titled “Going Home” but it doesn’t appear to be available. Check out http://www.dead-frog.com/comedians/comic/dl_hughley/ But how on point was Martin Lawrence on how Chris would “BLOW UP”!

    @ AJ & IW – I heard about that MediaTakeOut clip but didn’t bother. I have no desire to see another woman performing fallatio on a man. LOL If it really is her…she’s too old to be so stupid. But then again, she may think that if it worked for Paris…hmmmmm

    @ AJ – thanks about the header. 🙂

    @ mtony – Both of Bernie’s performances here are CLASSIC for me!

  6. Love, Love, Love Bernie Mac & Chris Tucker!
    Bernie Mac came to my city once and yes indeed I was right there and someone tried to heckle him, let me just say I was in tears and that poor man got up and left (His date was mad because she had to leave to, dude must have been her ride!!)

  7. classic def comedy jam is the best… I have these on DVD… the new def comedy just does have the same essence… mike epps was alright as the host last season, but DL Hugley is hosting now and I dont find him funny at all. Martin was the absolute best host!

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