I Laughed, Although I Didn’t Want To

I have not been quiet about my dislike for Kat Williams. Never thought he was funny. HOWEVAH….this clip made me laugh and I didn’t want to. I have convictions dammit! I stand by what I said before….HE AIN’T FUNNY!!!

:holding my head down trying to muffle the snickering: tee hee hee

Hat Tip: O’Hell Nawl

8 thoughts on “I Laughed, Although I Didn’t Want To

  1. I like Kat. Just not always feeling his standup. But that was funny. I think he is a better improve and actor than standup though.

  2. I agree with you on not liking kat williams, ever since that Friday after Next movie I was disgusted (actually the entire movie disgusted me!), and that is way to much cussing for me …HOWEVER on occasion I have been spotted laughing at something this fool did or said!
    Even now, I digress…

  3. I am SO glad that I am not the only black person that does not find Katt Williams! I thought it was just me. I think the guy is about as funny as a red light and I am not sure why people find that little annoying man funny. There are a lot of comedians out there that are prime time that I do not find funny. For instance, I do not find the stand-up comedy of Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence funny at all. They have their moments, but overall, I do not find them funny. But I love watchin’ ‘Martin’ and I fool with a gang of Eddie Murphy movies, especially Beverly Hills Cops I.

    To me, the true funny stand up comedians are guys like Bobo Lamb, Tony Roberts, Rodman, Mike Epps, Mike Brooks, and Michael Colyar; these guys are like the comedian’s comedian and have me dying when I see their comedy!

    Katt Williams can go play in traffic for all I care.

  4. Yeah Katt williams is a guilty pelasure. I dont particularly agree with alot of the things he says, but then there are times when he just SLAYS me. I can use less, nigga this nigga that though. fo real.

    MY favourite cats who do stand up: Dave CHapelle, CHris Rock, Eddie, Dane Cook, Bill Cosby, Bernie Mac. Because when they are on stage, there is NOOOO question. They own that crowd and that venue at the time. OWN it.

    That is a hard thing to do. It’s easy to be funny, but to have the audience exactly where you want them at all times… that’s Genius.

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