Papa John’s Pizza Sucks & Whole Foods Pluck Your Chickens! ***UPDATE***

papa-johns.jpgAfter going to church on Sunday, cooking breakfast, and going to the gym, I did not feel up to cooking that evening. So I decided on Papa John’s since Pizza Hut doesn’t deliver to my neighborhood – I live in B.F.E.

So, I order online and receive my confirmation email informing me that the delivery will be “approximately 30-40 minutes. COOL! No problem. Forty minutes came and went so I called the local P.J. restaurant and the conversation goes a little like this:

Matt: Papa John’s may I help you?

Chocl8t: Yes. I placed an order online about 45 minutes ago and was wondering how long before I receive my pizza.

Matt: Well, its only been 42 minutes.

Chocl8t: Uh, excuse me?

Matt: Its only been 42 minutes, ma’am and the delivery time is an hour.

Chocl8t: The email confirmation stated a delivery time of 30-40 minutes and 42 minutes means you’re late. 42 minutes may not be long to you but for me it’s long as hell cause I’m hungry you condescending a$$hole of a rotted pig! Cancel the dayum order!

Why people? Why? What happened to GOOD customer service? Papa John’s will NEVER, EVER get another dime out of my pocket.

whole-foods.jpgI love Whole Foods MarketLOVE ‘EM so this isn’t really a slam on the place. I particularly like the smoked meats and I regularly purchase the smoked chicken wings. However, on EVERY occasion I’ve done so, I have had to pluck feathers out of the cooked chicken! WTH?!! I can understand the concept of “fresh“, “all natural” food but isn’t this taking it a bit too far? I mean, really. What’s next? Will I have to ring the dayum chicken’s neck on my next visit? Okay, that might be taking it too far but you get the idea and hopefully they will too since I’ve submitted an online complaint. Lets see if they respond.

All I can say is WOW!! Kudos to Whole Foods for not only responding but for doing so within less than 24 hours. Read the email below:

—–Original Message—–
From: Roy Jensen (SO DUL) []
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 1:19 PM

Cc: John Brown (SO DUL); John Pettinati (SO DUL); Morrow Holman (SO DUL)
Subject: Quality Concern
Ms. M****,
I appreciate your email voicing your love and concerns for our location. I would like to apologize for the quality issues that you that you have experienced with the smoked chicken wings at the smoke bar. I have addressed this issue with my team, and going forward we will work more diligently to insure that this is not a reoccurring problem. On your next visit please feel free to look me up, as I would like to meet you. If possible can you forward you mailing address? I would like to send a gift card to use on your next visit, as well as providing your next visit to the smoke bar at no cost to you.
Thank you,
Roy Jensen
Meat Team Leader
Whole Foods Market Duluth/John’s Creek
5945 State Bridge Rd.
Duluth, GA 30097

11 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza Sucks & Whole Foods Pluck Your Chickens! ***UPDATE***

  1. I had a similar issue and conversation with papa johns about a year a go and also vowed to never use their services again. I am only one customer and I am sure they didn’t really care but hey it felt good to me! I am so anti-papa john!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Awesome! Way to get things done! maybe I’ll have the pleasure of being in a state that has a whole foods store one day and will get to see what all the fuss is about! Keep blazing the trail!

  3. Papa John’s is history!! Besides, I didn’t need all that bread and cheese anyway! LOL

    @ IW..I’m with you on that, “you get what you pay for” even though I still get giddy behind a good deal!! 🙂 And Whole Foods has got me as a customer for life. Amazing how far good service can go.

    @ Regina…Whole foods is great, a bit expensive though since all of their products are organic and fresh. I don’t do my grocery shopping there but when I want a good lunch…that’s my spot!

  4. From: ben m.
    Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 8:55:07 AM
    Subject: re: PAPA JOHNS

    Papa Johns is pathetic. I ordered 6 mo. ago and the idiots couldn’t find my house which was only about 200 yards away. An hour and twenty minutes later they finally arrived with cold food. No apologies just cold crappy food. A few weeks back I gave them another chance and the pizza tasted stale and old. I complained and they said I hear from someone but they ignored me. They are the worst pizza chain in history and their owner comes across as a narcissitic dolt in his commercials. Never again will they have any of my money.
    Ben…thanks for the email!! It’s unfortunate that good customer service seems to be a thing of the past. I do think if consumers began to loudly voice their concerns to businesses and take their dollars elsewhere, they may get a clue.

  5. If you want a really good pizza, go to Papa Murphy’s. Their pizza tastes better, has fresher ingredients, and costs less. Also you won’t be funding a political ideologue.

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