Sexy Dread: Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game

The stairmaster on the second floor gives me a bird’s eye view of the place allowing me to soak in all the sites. Since I’ve been back in the gym on a consistent basis for the past few months, I recognize the regulars.

There’s the Mack Daddy who can barely work out for chatting loudly on his phone, nice body but he is too obvious. The body building couple that creeps me out because she is as masculine as him. I happen to catch them smooching in the parking lot before parting ways and it gave me the dry heaves. Other sorted varieties of gym rats are peppered throughout the place.

Then there are the club’s trainers who go about their business at hand. One in particular I’ve named “Sexy Dread” and he is just as the name describes. A dark chocolate, dread wearing man with perfect bone structure and a body shaped like a martini glass: broad shoulders, nice chest that slopes downwards to a slimmer waist and killer quads. Yeah, that stairmaster has quite the view.

I’ve peeped him out from time to time sometimes exchanging smiles and nods upon entering or exiting the gym. I look forward to the exchange hoping he is at the front desk when I arrive or leave. Today was no different.

Headed upstairs to my favorite workout spot, I take the steps two by two. Looking up, I realize Sexy Dread and another guy is just 3 stairmasters away in the midst of a conversation. I place my headphones over my ears and begin my 60 minute workout. Five minutes pass and I look up to see him headed down the stairs. Our eyes meet, he flashes a wide grin revealing the pearly whites and waves. I return the gesture. The next 55 minutes are a breeze!

As I’m leaving I am hoping to catch a glimpse of the sexiness once more but was disappointed because he was no where in sight. Oh well, maybe next time. Walking to my car in the parking lot I see him walking towards me, possibly headed back into the gym after a break.

As we approach one another he lowers his phone from his ear and places it in his pocket. “Didn’t we have an appointment?”, he asks smiling. “An appoint?”, I respond “For what?”. “For a complimentary workout session” he says. Then he asks “What’s your name?” (heh, heh, heh. Aiight playa-playa) Chocl8t” I answer and extend my hand to shake his and I ask, “What’s your name“. (I don’t remember his name due to being overwhelmed by the temporary hormonal induced haze.)Nice to meet you. No, we didn’t have an appoint” I respond. “Well, make sure you stop by to make an appointment with me” he says. “I’ll be sure to do just that“. I make it to my car giggling on the inside cause you gotta love a brotha for seeing an angle and trying to work it.

Game recognizes Game – I’m not new to it. So let’s play.

9 thoughts on “Sexy Dread: Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game

  1. Girl did he have skin like a chocolate candy kiss that made you want to just pull that little paper ribbon and slowly peel away the silver foil revealing all of that chocholaty goodness, take it all in and let it slowly melt. . .

    Oooh, I’m sorry. This is your story, not mine. Go for it, honey.

  2. @ Jex…guurrrl yes!! LOL I’m so glad that you not only stopped by but left a comment. You know I got the “warm and fuzzies” now right? LOL

  3. LOL @ Chocl8t. This is a pretty cool spot. Kinda like the Pizza Bar in Mableton.

    I will definitely be a regular visitor.

  4. not to many sexy ladies where i work out. theres the old ladies and the young girls who try and look cute working out. so i just listen to my music and get the “f” outta there. i guess thats what i get for working out at the YMCA.

  5. hmmmmm….I can’t wait to hear how the session goes. You better write the dudes name down so you remember it…lol

  6. @DarkBrotha..the YMCA evokes images of soccer moms and environmentalist..tree huggers who couldn’t care less about their appearances. LOL There are a few women I’ve noticed with a face full of makeup. Cracks me up every time!

    @Soul Sistah…LOL, I’m not sure I could handle the “complimentary” one-on-one session. I might pass out! The truth is, I don’t need the session since it’s usually offered to new members and I’ve been a member for close to 6 years now.

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