Vikings Have No Sympathy

vikinghelmet.jpgI was experiencing a very good start to my weekend, then I read this.

The Minnesota Vikings front office staff has no heart or at the very least bereavement days available to ball players. Vikings wide receiver, Troy Williamson’s pay has been docked $25,588 for missing three practices and last Sunday’s game to attend the funeral of his grandmother in Aiken, SC. Read the story HERE. He is also dealing with a situation where is brother is in a coma after a car accident.

So a player is penalized financially for putting “family” first. What a shame.

4 thoughts on “Vikings Have No Sympathy

  1. This is ridiculous. These guys are out there ENTERTAINING us all and they can’t take a day to give respect to a loved one? SMH

  2. @ grandweepers, thanks for stopping by and yes, this is sad.

    Soul Sistah!! I see you can’t stay away from the computer!! LOL Corporate America does at least allow days for bereavement. The NFL and this team is all about the bottom line.

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