Petty & Peace

“When someone’s delicious passive-aggressive pettiness directed at you makes you say “well done’ and you giggle without the urge to reciprocate…that’s #growth.”

pettyThis was my Instagram post Sunday morning but allow me to give it some context so that you can enjoy it completely…as I did.

I live in a townhouse, an end unit. Between my building and the one next to it, there is the “common area”. My neighbor who lives in that building’s end unit is a Black woman and a dog owner, like me.

When I let Lola out to potty, she goes in this 20 foot space between the buildings, in the front and sometime closer to the neighbor’s side. Recently I have been extremely lax in picking up behind Lola, allowing a few days or even a week to pass before I do a massive “poop-pick-up”. I know…bad pet owner here!!

Sunday morning during our daily routine, Lola is out and I notice poop has been tossed closer to my driveway in a random sort of way. Immediately I know what’s up!! I giggled so hard at the level of pettiness but I could not get angry because I KNEW it was a response to me being an irresponsible lazy pet owner.

I decided to write a note to my neighbor which read as follows:

Wrong is wrong.

Admittedly I have been lax in picking up after Lola. Your deliciously petty move made me laugh really hard but also got my attention. I apologize for being the lax lazy neighbor. Please enjoy a cup, or two, of coffee on me! Hell, make it hot tea and sip with satisfaction.

Mea Culpa!

Included in the note was my name, number, and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

A couple of hours later, I received the following text message.Screenshot_20170911-144549

Lesson? Humility and being able to admit when you’re wrong will bring you so much peace. Never stop trying to be a better version of yourself!




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