I keep replaying that moment over and over again in my head and also the video, minute marker 2:10 to be exact. That moment I jumped, no, glided out of the plane  at 14,000 feet in the air, 2.7 miles, on my very first tandem skydive.

After sharing the pictures and video with friends and family via social media, I was met with feedback that was overwhelmingly positive and replete with admiration.

AWESOME! Kick Ass!! You Rock!!

So many have also responded that they’re too afraid to do something like that. Ironic because this jump was to serve as an impetus for letting go of emotional baggage, expectations, and putting an end to my desire to control things in my life as well as facing my fears. The fear of heights, failure, and yes, success. The past two years has been a long continuous lesson on letting go of material possessions, relationships, expectations, negative thought patterns, behaviors and habits. This skydive was the final exam of sorts.

In that moment when I jumped, I felt more alive than ever before. It was such a freeing experience and I never want to forget that feeling which is why I keep replaying it over and over again.

The goal now is to fill my life with those types of “moments”.

This life is to be lived without boundaries and without fear. I plan to do exactly that from here on out.

5 thoughts on “Jump!!!

  1. Well said! I plan to follow your lead. Not necessarily jumping out of a plane, but conquering fears and living my life! Lol

  2. Wholly molly you actually did tha JUMP?! When I moved to where I live– they have the same thing here but I totally chickened out and did TUNNEL FLYING INSTEAD!!! 120 mph in the safety of a tunnel suited me just fine! lol Way to go cuz WOW! i ACTUALLY did it 4 times in a tunnel and it’s a real exercise of concentration AND work out!!!! First time I went in that tunnel (again 120 mph) I got blown around like Lucille Ball and laughing outta control the whole time! lol! Didn’t pee my pants but that was more than enough for me! You rock!

    Sooo loving that you are still rockin tha natural hair too cuz it really suits ya’ (getting ready to post on our beautiful natural hair in a hot minute, by the way)! You rock dear friend! Know it’s been a long time but still busy and maintainin’! 🙂 Like seriously– you rock! I’m assuming it’s a bucket list that is checked?! (smiles)

    Don’t know if I’ll ever do it again but through you– I’ve done it (tee-hee)! KUDOS!!! 🙂

  3. Hi there ladybug! For some reason I got a link to this on my blog and it forced me to revisit it! So COOOLLL you did the jump! Even to this day I can’t imagine it so I still dig the Tunnel Flying as an option! 🙂 Been a while so just my way of saying “Hi” again! 🙂

    “Just Another WordPress Blog” (“Why O’ Why?”, ya’ll)
    P.S. I’m sooo surprised Georgia had a flight site! Lived there between 1985-1991! OOOO– By the by… how’s the natural hair journey going, dear lady? Looks soooo good on ya!

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