Self Promotion

self-promotionSelling my skills and talents has never been my forte so when it came time to re-vamp my resume eight years ago, I hired a resume writing service. When I started this blog and created the “About Chocl8t” page, the text was brief – short and sweet and did not embellish on my talents, skills, nor personal attributes.

I contribute this to a confluence of over abundant humility and a tinge of uncertainty with my self confidence. I never want to appear boastful or arrogant nor do I want to sell myself short by being afraid to shine.

However, I am finding that self-promotion is a key element in advancing to the next level and since I am all about growth, I must forge forward.

The following now appears on my “About Chocl8t” page.

Chocl8t is a Technical Writer by day and personal blogger by night. Idealistic, sensitive, big-hearted, with an open mind who gravitates to the brainiac oddballs, nerds, and underdogs of the world.

Behind the megawatt smiles and shy facade is an avid reader with a wicked sense of humor, although mostly self-deprecating, and razor sharp wit.

An advocate of self improvement, truth, and growth with a passion for travel, books, music, photography, food, family, friends, and of course writing.

If my postings make you laugh, cry, or piss you off, please let me know by leaving a comment. Lively discourse is welcomed but if you disagree with anything written by me or other commenters, formulate an intelligent rebuttal as opposed to resorting to that catch phrase “you’re hating” – it’s just so…so…trite. (About Chocl8t)

There it is…my effort at self-promotion, mini bio, et cetera, et cetera.

2 thoughts on “Self Promotion

  1. Great Tammie! You know, I have self-esteem issues too. I was just reading your blog about your name “chocl8t”…it is so funny that I remember something you told me years ago, I’m sure it was you, but then again, I’m getting old, so maybe not….Someone, maybe you, maybe not, told me that the kids used to call her Kiwi. I thought it was a cute nickname until I was told it referred to black shoe polish. I have never forgotten that because it makes me so mad that anyone would say those things to anyone, let alone a child. Reading your blog and the fact that you were called so many other names, just really pisses me off. I know it was a long time ago, and it wasn’t me, but being an insecure person and so sensitive to WORDS, I just can’t believe that WE are so cruel to each other. My momma’s brother used to call me “Mallata” (that’s how he said Mullato(sp) ) and it used to make me so mad, I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew he was being cruel and trying to hurt me. We are so mean to each other.

    I have always thought you were beautiful and I am glad that you KNOW you are beautiful!!!

    (sorry for the rant, I could go on and on, but I wont!) Donna

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