Another Year, Another Chance

It’s been one hell of a year full of change, loss and personal growth.

Over the course of the last 365 days, I have felt as if I were on top of the world, feeling lucky and fortunate knowing what the universe had made possible at that very moment. There were also a couple of times of feeling very low, wondering how could things have gotten to that point…it left me doubting myself and questioning my judgment.

This year taught me that change is good and despite my initial reactions of resistance, panic, and fear it is usually always for the best.


As I look ahead to the new year, I will not make resolutions – I stopped doing that years ago. I will, however, continue to do the necessary self-inventory in order to achieve personal growth and work towards the goals I have set.

I will continue to love, honor and respect those I consider friends, who treat me the same, and I will no longer make people and relationships a priority when they are no longer doing the same.

Since personal growth is a never ending task, there are aspects of my personality which are always “under construction” and I do not see it being any different in the new year, although I am striving for significant progress.

There are other changes I am making to my daily life and routine, none of which I feel the need to announce but I find them necessary…very necessary.

So here’s to 2013!

Another year full of change, loss, and personal growth.

Another chance to get it right.


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