The 20 Minute Workout That Almost Killed Me!!

It has been six months since I have been to the gym. Yes, I’ve been slacking – slipping on my fitness game. The past few weeks has been spent motivating myself to get back into the groove.

Motivation finally turned into action Sunday morning when I made the trip to Wally-World, (Wal-Mart for you short bus riders), to buy a jump rope and 5lb ankle weights. The rationale is to ease back into the routine so it will not be such a “shock” to my body.

So I’m back at the house, in the garage, iPod tethered to my arm, earphone in ear, ankles weighed down, and jump rope in hand. I set th timer on my phone to 30 minutes while I’m thinking ‘this isn’t going to be so bad’.

Three minutes later I’m gasping for air, walking around in circles, and scratching like a heroin addict.

WTH was I thinking?!! I’m dying!!! DYINNNNGGGGG!!!!!

I need some water! Yeah…my mouth is parched.

I run upstairs to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator and head back to the garage. I am determined to push through it!

After jumping for another minute or so, (I swear it felt longer), I decide to do squats. I manage to get in 50 and I jump for another minute or two all the while panting like I have run a marathon and my heart pounding like crazy. It’s on to 50 dead lifts (using a piece of firewood for resistance), 50 more squats, and another round of jumping.

With my legs feeling like Jell-O, I quit. When I stop th timer on my phone, only 20 minutes have elapsed.

This is going to be harder than I first thought….Pray for me. 😐

11 thoughts on “The 20 Minute Workout That Almost Killed Me!!

  1. Yeah once you slack off it’s really difficult to get back in the groove. I used to do P90X last year and was on a good roll, then I stopped. I recently tried to do the Kenpo X DVD and was dying midway through, so I feel your pain.

  2. I don’t know about jumping rope with ankle weights….that may be a little rough on hyour knees….hell just walking around with ankle weights on can mess you up something awful

  3. at least you did it…after I finally figured out my treadmill issue it’s still a nice clothes rack. I need to do better

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