Random Ramblings – 4/14/2009

overloadHere are a few things that have been going on with me or what I’ve been thinking about.

  • Being tired,  fatigued, and horny made a girl very, very irritable on yesterday. A good night’s rest remedied most of what ailed me.  Most. Not all.
  • Something most may not know about me is that I get bored very easily. I tend to lose interest in persons/places/things if I’m not cerebrally challenged or intrigued. Please don’t be offended. It is, what it is.
  • Yes. I’m a nerdy girl. I admit it.  Deal with it. Embrace it. Accept me for what I am.
  • I really hate that I’m digging you…feeling you like I am. I hear your voice, a nice melodic tenor, and I, I….feel some kind of way.  So, what do I do? Gotta get it in check. Slow my roll and never let ’em see you sweat. NEVER.
  • Slowly. Surely. I walk away from that old desperate and tainted love” – Jill Scott.  After knowing you over 7 years it time for me to let it go. For good. No more reaching out in my weakest moments, feeling vulnerable and frustrated, looking for something that feels comfortable. Besides…I don’t even like you anymore.
  • I am having a hard time understanding the piracy problems in the Somalian territory? Arm the crews, shoot on site. BLAST THEIR ASSES! Period. Donald Trump actually said the same thing this morning on GMA. You know hell is about to freeze over when I find myself agreeing with that dude.
  • I’ve had several conversations with different friends on marriage, specifically why I’ve decided that isn’t what I want for my life. I no longer feel that marriage and children will magically make me happy. Finally, I’m no longer buying into the Cinderella hype. You know, where the prince will ride in on his white stallion and save me from everything. *coughBULLSHITcough* The following paragraph is a girlfriend’s response to a group of people badgering her about marriage. 

 People act like getting married is sooo hard. I can go to the gas station today and pick up a husband. I’ve never had trouble getting a man. But getting married isn’t the issue, staying married is. Women act like getting married is the best thing to ever happen. But that’s only if you marry the right man for you…..Not the man of your dreams, but the best life partner. Not the highest bidder or the only buyer. Nobody can complete you if your half a person. If being married is so great, why is it half the population is divorced? If you think about it realistically, given the statistics, half of you in this room if you haven’t been divorced will be in the future. Why would I rush towards that? If women would stop being so desperate they could find happiness in themselves.”

::Crickets Chirping::

I’ll let you marinate on that for a while! 😉

14 thoughts on “Random Ramblings – 4/14/2009

  1. Hmmmm, there might be more to the Somalian piracy situation than meets the eye. I read at Crooks and Liars where European ships have been unloading barrels along their coastlines. Obviously, I’m not saying that the pirates are saints –they’re pirates(!)– but that whole scenario bears closer scrutiny.
    Now regarding the personal stuff, have I got a song for you!

    I’ve been passing it around, lol. But it fits!

  2. Embrace that inner nerd!

    And girl, whoever your friend is, she didn’t lie. Marriage is NOT the end to all problems! Hell, it creates NEW ones! If women figured this shyt out, they wouldn’t get married so damn easily. Rather be happy by my damn self.

  3. I think you don’t have to settle and “be happy by your damn self.” There is someone for everyone but what people tend to do is overlook what they need in a person and go for what they want. I think peoplpe who say they love being single and alone are liars. They would really love to be involved with someone they love and adore but aren’t willing to put up with the bs that comes with some relationships, that I understand. Marriage doesn’t mean what it used to like when my grandparents got married or even when my parents were married. What they have is what I strive for in relationships and I’ll accept nothing less. But marriage is nothing to be rushed into. Neither are relationships. People need to start getting to know folks again and then decide if they want to spend a lifetime together. Divorce is the easy way out. And for me, It’s not an option. When I get married I’m in it for the long haul because I only place to go threw it once.

    And I agree wolfie, there is more than meets the eye with the piracy situation. Nothing is ever what it seems.

  4. Whoa! Your girlfriend hit it dead on about marriage. So many married women I know TRY to make me feel less than I am because I am not running after that damn ring. I bought my own diamond and I am happy just as I am. Sorry Ms. K. I totally disagree with ya. I am not lonely and I ain’t lying. I am truly single and satisfied. I have always been an open and friendly person so more often then not, I am turning down invitations to parties, gatherings, etc just so I can get some precious alone time. I am cool with me just as I am. If I meet the right man for me…hmmm…I don’t imagine I’d marry him. I think I would settle into a never ending engagement.

  5. NOBODY wants to be lonely and alone. Thats a crock if I’ve ever heard one. Now I’m not saying who’s single doesn’t want to be single. I’m sure that they do for the time that they are single. But there comes a point where you want that connection with another person and not just on jump off status. Relationships are normal and natural and it’s normal and natural to want to be involved in one. I personally can do without the drama of someone who’s playing games. And when I was single for years I enjoyed it. But I always enjoyed being in a REAL relationship even more. I just find that a lot of single people tend to be envious of people who aren’t single. And when they are alone and no one is around, they think about having someone laid up next to them. My bestfriend is exactly that way. She says, ” fuck relationships, I’m set in my ways and I love being single!” But I see threw it, and I called her on it. And she had to come clean. She’s just been hurt like others have and her preference is single as to not deal with the drama and heartbreak of it all.

    So yea there may be a few like you Anonymous but I know more that are the ladder and REALLY want a relationship but are scared to death of them, with good reason.

  6. Dayum! I like how Ms K just came in my place and straight called me a liar!!! LOL

    But I think you got it wrong and misinterpreted what I wrote. A relationship is one thing. MARRIAGE is something else.

    Oh, and yes…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being single. Whether that means I’m in an exclusive relationship or just using a poor fella for my sexual satisfaction…I’m still single and will remain so.

    So what you think and see as LIES and a “CROCK”, just isn’t so from where I stand and most importantly, I no longer feel the need to justify that shit to ANYONE. Including you my darling. So we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  7. Chocl8t? I second that. I really believe that you can be happy single. Being single doesn’t equate being alone and lonely.

  8. No one asked anyone to justify anything to anyone. And opinions are for everyone since we all have one. My stance on the issue is just different than yours and that’s fine. When I’m single, I do so love being single but that’s just for a period of time and then it passes and I’ll go back to dating and seeing where that leads me.

    And Wolfie. . .okay I won’t say anything wolfie lol

  9. I think that prior to anyone searching (if anyone is doing that) for a mate they should read Bishop T.D. Jakes book titled “Before You Do.” This book gives very detail advice on marriage, finances, buying a home and just life in general. It’s definitely a great gift to give someone who is about to graduate from college or even high school. Our grandparents, and mothers and fathers who have survived being married (to each other) for years had certain morals, and values that were instilled in them (usually by parents, the church and or relatives) which equipped them with the tools they needed to make the right choices. The beginning of those choices started with how they choose each other, the qualities that one had to have to win the other over.
    Today’s marriages (some not all) are treated like a casual relationship or a relationship that exist between boyfriend and girlfriend in which a break up becomes common, occurring at least once a month or week. Married couples today are fine as long as the weather is good, but when a storm comes (especially a financial one) the quick solution (divorce) becomes the first response.
    Divorce has become socially acceptable in this day and time. No one looks down on a divorced couple. No one is shocked to find that Mike loves Gregg more than he loves Tina. It’s all a sign of the times. The moral degradation of society.

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