Random Ramblings

I’ve been absent for a while, I know. I have not had the time to write anything nor have I been inspired to do so. But as always there are a few things that have been on my mind.


May 2004

The Hair Odyssey. About 3 years ago I made the decision to let my hair grow out from a very short yet sassy and sophisticated cut. Until October 2008 I used the same male stylist but I had to cut him loose. The man would get high during the day and it was like a roll of the dice whether or not he styled your hair the way you asked. The final straw was when I asked him to trim the dead ends and he cut more than an inch with the sides being shorter than the back. I was not happy!

A couple of weeks ago I tried out a new stylist who cut my hair in an inverted bob. Although it was what I asked for, I wasn’t happy with it. I realized it would be more time consuming with maintenance and making my gym routine more cumbersome. Last Thursday I had my hair relaxed and a few tracks added to make the bob more dramatic. Still, I was not happy and I was worried if it looked “right”.

I was giving my hair more time and energy than I wanted. At this point in my life I don’t need the headache so Saturday morning I walked into Great Clips and asked the stylist to cut it off. Using a picture (see above) I gave her of me with the desired style, the stylist gave me what I asked for. All is good and I am very pleased.

Ungrateful Relatives. Everyone has them. I am no exception. They tend to be oblivious to common decency or courtesy and believe the world revolves around them. They generally tend to show a disregard for anyone’s feelings and a lack of respect for another’s personal property. I recently had a close encounter with such a person. The encounter left me bewildered, hurt, and with a resolve not to find myself in such a situation again. This was such a hard lesson to learn. However, it is, what it is.

9 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Girl I can relate! I thought I was the only one with hair dilemas. Love the cut! I think short hair is so sophisticated and sexy, that’s why I can NEVER make it through the grow-out process. I’ll see a “bad” cut and be like, I gotta have that! LOL!

  2. hey huneychile’—long time no see–hope this comment finds you blessed by the best—i love the cut in the picture!!!–stop by and see me sometimes–*cough cough* i see you took me offa ya blogroll–but it’s kool–i gotz you on my google reader–i’m not mad at cha’–i still lubbz ya mommeee*wink*–peace outty!

  3. Cute! I wanna see a new picture. I wish I could wear a short cut. Long hair is overrated and much trouble. 🙂 I hear ya on the relatives too. sigh

  4. Great cut! And the ease in taking care of it. I know mine gets shorter and shorter every time I go in. You look “marvelous, simply marvelous”! Hope you have a terrific Birthday weekend.

  5. HAPPY BIRFDAY CHOC!!! I wish you all the dack you can take!

    Now about those relatives. I understand! Mine be tryin’ to put hits on my azz just for being a sexy azz woman! Hmph! Sometimes your relatives are your worst enemies. Don’t feel bad and you are not in this all by yourself at all. Some you put up with for there is hope, and some you just stay away from for there is never gonna be any hope! Our relationships are a two way street. But when one decides that they don’t respect you enough to at least to try and get along with you, then you have to sometimes cut them loose. Just weigh it out and if the drama is more than what you can bear, then cut it loose and let it go.

  6. I’m glad that you came to terms with your do(or should I say “doers”?). Judging from the older flik there, it does you justice.

    Relatives – can’t live with them and can’t beat the living snot out of ’em – wow!

    B-Day?? When? How come retarded me didn’t know?! Hope it was (will be) great. Peace.

  7. Hey girl….I know I’ve been MIA. Keep your chin up with the relative thing. I’ve been naptural for a good 6 years now – so no dram at the shops and I’m not missing paying folks to jack up my hair anymore…..I can do it for free – LOL.

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