unplug21Sometimes is voluntary, sometimes not…but always needed. I have been unplugged for a while. In part due to work but mostly of my own choosing.

I will be back but I am not sure when. I suppose when I feel that I have something worth writing about and actually feel like doing it. 🙂  So, don’t kick me off your reading list just yet!

2 thoughts on “Unplugged!!

  1. I’ve been debating that saaaame thing. buut it’s not really an option fo me currently with what i wanan accomplish.

    SO unplugg a lil for both of us!

    get nekkid

  2. Yep, I’m thinkin’ of doing the same thing. Might unplug for awhile and work on some things. I have a friend that has done the same thing. Plus I’m gettin’ a lil’ skept bout the innernet! See ya when ya get back!

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