Donna Brazile – “I’m Not Going To The Back Of The Bus!”

The New Yorker airs a Saturday morning panel titled “If I Were Running This Campaign” in which Donna Brazile is a panel member. Towards the end of the most recent show, Jeffrey Toobin (NYer staff writer and moderator) brought up the factor of race in the presidential campaign. The following video is Brazile’s reaction.

Let me say upfront how much I admire and respect this woman for speaking her mind and passionately telling the painful truth with class. She reminds me of the many, many black women who I have known in my life.

If you don’t know who Donna Brazile is, you can read about her HERE and HERE.

12 thoughts on “Donna Brazile – “I’m Not Going To The Back Of The Bus!”

  1. I’m in love with this woman. She speaks for me too, even though I’m white. I’m middle class, fighting hard every day to make ends meet. I’m not part of the “elite” bunch, but I’ve worked hard for years to help them live the life they love. We need to all stand tall, and not accept the status quo. We, all Americans, deserve better. We NEED OBAMA.

  2. Amen Nana! I couldn’t have said it any better. This woman gave me chills. I love her! and love that you posted this Choc. I’m white, middle class (if that even exists anymore) and agree that this country needs change, we do Nana, NEED OBAMA!

  3. we used to all have big momma’s just like Donna. I love her. We need to get back t this. This is the type of woman I strive to be and the type of woman I teach my girls to be. She speaks the truth so eloquently.

  4. This is why I will vote for Senator Obama, he surrounds himself with the brightest people of our society; people like Donna Brazile. Senator Obama is not afraid of intelligent women, and he does not keep them from the press.
    This is why I will vote for Senator Obama, this is why I respect him.
    We have broad shoulders black women. Ms. Brazile is someone I recognize from my own history. Proud and strong and not afraid to speak-up, and stand up to what comes at her.
    I love my white mother, and I loved my black father whose great grandfather fought for my country’s freedom from slavery.
    Thank you, Ms. Brazile.

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