And She Can See Russia From Her House!!!

How anyone can say the media’s portrayal of Sarah Palin is sexist is beyond me. The Palin plain and simple truth is the woman is out of her league. Because of this fact she comes across as being ill prepared, stupid, and just plain dumb as hell…and quite honestly giving women all over the world a bad name.

This isn’t a case of the good old boys poking fun and the little girly girl…SHE’S CLUELESS PEOPLE!! CLUE. LESS!! If this is the person the republicans want a heartbeat away from the presidency…God help us!! She makes Dan Quayle look like a Mensa candidate.

I will continue to bash this dumb pittbull in a skirt and lipstick until she goes away. It seems the people at Saturday Night Live will do the same. This is horribly sad and hilarious at the same time. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “And She Can See Russia From Her House!!!

  1. LMAO @ Dan Quayle Mensa candidate!! GAWD! She is soooooo over her head! McLame’s senile arse needs to go away too. OBAMA/BIDEN 08 for 8!!

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