I LOVE Alpha Men…

Yessss I do!!! Love ’em!! Love ’em!! LOVE! THEM! Alpha men know how to take charge of a situation and get things done! They are strong, independent, confident, in yo face, like it or leave it kinda men. šŸ˜‰

Without a doubt I have had my fair share of encounters with such males. Those experiences were both thrilling and terrifying at times. Don’t judge me! LOL

This photo of Coco Crisp and James Shields reminded me of one such Alpha Man and several of the stories he has shared with me over the years. Like the time he was a FedEx delivery guy and got into a fist-a-cuffs with the Coors delivery man behind the Kroger grocery store. Or the time a car full of Latino brothers cut him off causing him to run off the road; when he recovered he caught up with the offending vehicle, pulled the driver out and commenced to open a can of “whoop-ass”. Then there was the time his “20 something” nephew did/saidĀ something disrespectful to him and he got him in line, in the backyard wearing a wife-beater and Timbs…in the rain. Oddly enough, I always felt safe with this man whenever I was in his presence andĀ children in need turns this “Johnny Bad Ass” into a marshmallow puff. Don’t judge him either. LOL

Not all Alpha men are prone to what you may consider “violent tendencies”.Ā Nope. Not at all.Ā  But why am I drawn to the top dawgs? The alpha dog? Could it be I have an “alpha” personality also and in order for a man to be able to “handle” me, he must also share that same trait?

What about you? Are you drawn to the “alpha” traits in the opposite sex? Or, are you prone to attract and be attracted to those more submissive/passive individuals?

7 thoughts on “I LOVE Alpha Men…

  1. My hubby is an alpha male. I used to think I didn’t like alpha males until I had a crazy psycho ex who wouldn’t leave me alone! This ex was a guy who would break into my home and steal my underwear, write on my walls, and lastly, he took a butcher knife and cut up my bed. After the cops said they couldn’t do anything for me, Hubby, who was B/F at the time, waited for him to come and be an asshole one day, and when Ex showed up, hubby scared the shit outta him. I don’t think Ex ever came near me again.
    Yep,….I looooove my alpha male!

  2. While I admire the “Johnny Bad @ss” Alpha males, I fear one thing only: one-hit-homicide. The term has become a legal term, now, and means that if someone else instigates an argument, even strikes first, but you respond with your fists or other weapons and the other person falls to an untimely death, you’d be tried for homicide and most likely serve time. As for home defense, that does not apply, and in my home I AM that Johnny Bad-@ss!! I am drawn to submissive women, who are submissive to the mates, but, loud and rowdy enough to clock those who need it when I’m not available to do it myself. Peace..

  3. wow choc are we sisters or something? They tend to be arrogant assholes but for some reason I love em anyway.

  4. Ahh the alpha male! I love them! I too know an alpha male who is a FedEx contractor and my boy do not play as he’s had his fair share of altercations as well. Boy do I get turned on when he’s amped up too. But his rough exterior don’t fool me, that dude got a heart of gold on the inside, most notably displayed when it comes to me as his friend and his baby boys. Alpha males know how to just get ish done without all the rigamaro, and as I woman I can just appreciate that thang.

  5. @ Blackstarr – I would like to think this would apply to me when I find the right one to “submit” to. šŸ˜‰ I am drawn to submissive women, who are submissive to the mates, but, loud and rowdy enough to clock those who need it when Iā€™m not available to do it myself

    @ Jaila – twins seperated at birth perhaps? LOL

    @ Tjaeanise & Jada – High 5s all the way ’round!!

    @ Raw – a silver back huh? Well, alrighty then..go on witcho bad self!! LOL

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