Old School Fridays – 6

A commenter on another blog brought this video to my attention a few weeks ago. Thanks ARA!!

1977 was a big year for Heatwave, as their first single, “Boogie Nights” from their debut album, reached number two on the British pop charts in January (it wouldn’t appear on the American radar until later that summer, when it also became a #2 hit in November). The group’s long-awaited debut album, Too Hot to Handle, finally appeared in late-spring 1977, giving Heatwave a number eleven hit in the U.S. – it cruised to number five on the R&B charts, while the next single, the sweet soul ballad “Always and Forever”, closed out the year with a number two U.S. R&B hit in December. “The Groove Line” was featured on the 1978 LP release “Central Heating“.


Be sure to visit all O.S.F. participants…cause the party ain’t ova! )

1. Quick
2. Regina
3. Cassandra
4. Chocl8t (hey, that’s me!)
5. MarvalusOne
6. AJ
7. Rosemarie
8. Marcus LANGFORD
9. Lisa C
10. Kreative Talk
11. LaShonda
12. invisiblewoman
13. sHaE-sHaE
14. Electronic Village

16 thoughts on “Old School Fridays – 6

  1. Happy OSF! While in college me and some buddies bought goldenrod t-shirts and had HEATWAVE ironed on … then we would go to our school’s basketball games and chant heatwave … heatwave as our way of putting pressure on the opposing team. We had it rollin’ so much after awhile that we were buying those goldenrod shirts by the boxful! Ah, the young entrepreneurial memories and the great band known as Heatwave! Thank you for bringing this one out…

    I focused on Oscar Brown, Jr. for my OSF meme this week.

    peace, Villager

  2. The first, eh! not my fav, but the second one is the jam. We didn’t listen to a lot disco growing up, my mom and friends like the hard stuff.

    Villager: LOL! at the iron-on T-shirts.

  3. I am a big heatwave fan. for the longtime I associated their song “always and forever” to a dream I would continually have of my sister sailing away with her husband to live a new life. I never knew why, then she told me when I was younger that was the song she played at her wedding. I was too young to remember but my mind when ever I heard that song would make that connection. Thanks for posting these classics. This new music ain’t got nothing on old school!

  4. Gosh, haven’t heard them in years. Watching the moves and the clothes. LOL. Sometimes you wonder, what were we thinking then. Thanks for the good groove Choc.

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