A Chocl8t Funk!

gloomygus.jpgI have been battling a funk. Struggling not to slip into one…scratching to get out of it. It has descended on me like a heavy fog.  I refuse to wallow in self-pity or subject others to my rancid mood so until it passes – and I’m praying it does SOON – I am laying low. GGGRRRRR…..

7 thoughts on “A Chocl8t Funk!

  1. Wow, that is sure one funky looking picture!
    I have been listening to this song by Fred Hammond lately,
    The chorus is:
    Lord you see my life is broken
    and i dont know what to do
    my life’s being changed, help me remain
    i will count on you
    when i cant see
    i know you’ll guide
    when i cry out

    I love the song which is titled, “Song Of Strength”
    find it and play it! It may help your funk…

  2. Sorry to hear your a little down. Try to concentrate on all the positives and let the negatives float away. I know it’s easier said than done many times. Your in my thoughts!!!

  3. i feel you. i get like that and just try and stay out the way. i try not to bring others down. do something like take a couple days off and go somewhere a couple hours away. take some good books. and get a swim in. just get away. it works for me.

  4. Girl as I said yesterday, don’t let the blues get to you. I know it’s hard but when I have days like that I just take a moment or two or three and dwell in it, I listen to the saddest cd I have and just have a good cry. When that’s over the mood is usually gone.

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