Happy Founder’s Day

zetaemblem.jpgHi. My name is Chocl8t and I’m a sorority girl. (Sounds like an introduction at a 12-step meeting) I pledged Zeta Phi Beta, ΖΦΒ, Fall 1985, Rho Epsilon chapter on the campus of Louisiana State University. I will take my line name, like many of my other secrets, to my grave. 🙂

Why? I pledged at the very, very beginning of the anti-hazing movement, the hazing crackdown. The Big Sisters were none to pleased with the idea nor happy with us after one of my line sisters had the brilliant idea to “rat” them out for the underground shenanigans going on. Their long-lasting revenge lies in our line names, unfortunately. 😐

To all my sorority sisters sporting the Royal Blue and White…Happy Founder’s Day!

A special shout out to my line:

#1 Karen
#2 Me
#3 Deirdre
#4 Nedra
#5 Naomi (deceased)
#6 Yulanda “Yogi”


Thanks to Amboogie, a soror, from O’ Hell Nawl for reminding me.

8 thoughts on “Happy Founder’s Day

  1. Zee Phi

    Happy Founder’s day to you too Soror.
    Hey, just think of the line name as a badge of honor that says that you made it. Whatever adversities the big sisters put you through, you were able to make it to the end. That is the important part, you made it to the end. All of the college pranks and hazing aside, it should all be love, even for your name. But I do understand if you want to keep that secret.


  2. @ Ambz…gotcha girl, check yours too.

    @ Anon…they meant it to be a Badge of Shame not honor. Trust me…they were PISSED and BITTER and exacted their revenge with precision. LOL

  3. I received an email from one of my Rho E chapter sorors (she was one of my Big Sisters) and in all fairness I want to post it here:

    I don’t think we were really Pissed or trying to hurt u all. We were just a little pissed. 🙂 I know Yogi still doesn’t like to talk about her name either. Well, Nedra either. Ok, Ok, I get the point.

    The names did not originate from a good place and no matter how I try to dress it up, they can still be a source of contention. But trust me, it was more about the system change as you acknowledged rather than your line personally. We did like you all and want to welcome you into the sisterhood. Admittedly, we didn’t think of the long-term impact it would have on you all.

    I think wiser heads prevailed when the organizations did away with hazing, well as much as they could. Actions can have lasting effects that adversly change a person’s outlook on the organization. “XXX” said when she pledged Delta at “XXX”, she had a bad experience with being hazed that she never did forget.

    I too understand the line name discussion. We were talking about my line’s names recently and we realized that quite a few of us probably just got the leftover names because there was nothing else after the cute names had run out. I think that is worse 😦 To know that you were forgotten or at least so irrelevant that you get leftovers. I think line names were never meant to be great, unfortunately.

    The new system (grad chapter) I have seen allows everyone to pick their own names.

    Hestia Spr.’85 (Her Line Name)

  4. Hey Soror,
    This is your line sister, #6, from the Fall of 1985! And, yes, as you said so eloquently, I will take my line name to the grave as well. My comments below are related to me personally, although I know the feelings of my line sisters.

    I had come to LSU to be a “Delta,” having never heard of Zeta in Boston. The only sororities known here were Delta and AKA. Well, God had other plans for me because I fortunately hooked up with a Zeta from my godparents’ church, and she became my “big sister.” When I asked her to tell me about Zeta, she said, “I can’t tell you about Zeta; but, you can become an IZ and learn for yourself.” So I did. From that time on, I surrounded myself with Zetas and Sigmas; yet, I still thought about Delta.

    In the summer of ’85, I approached the President of Delta’s LSU Chapter, and she “promised” to invite me to their rush and welcome me. It was all a LIE. At the same time, the realization hit me that while I had been “seeking sisterhood,” I had already been BLESSED with it by the Zetas and Sigmas. So, why did I need Delta? It was right then and there that I made up my mind that Zeta was for me. The women exhibited grace, scholarship, sisterhood, courage, and LOVE to me, all the way from Boston, with the closest family in New Orleans. If I was in need of ANYTHING, my needs were met, without a care as to when or how I could repay them. I went to Zetas rush, and to all of their surprise, announced my decision to join them. They were excited, as I was too, and showered me with the common phrase, “Bout time!”

    In hindsight, had I known what pledging, at that time, would have meant, I would have waited. When we crossed, we received NOTHING. No party, no gifts, and no welcome. It hurt like HELL, and STILL does to this day despite the 23 years that have passed. And, for me, the reason is simple. The Zetas KNEW my heart, from day one. Sisterhood is about selflessness, and they decided to get “even” with grad chapter by hurting us. You don’t do that to your SISTERS. Yes, we are all older and wiser now; but, the pain of that experience is deeply inbedded within me, and will never go away.

    Needless to say, I love my Sorors, and have forgiven them because in all honesty, I do not think it was their intention to strike at us, but, as Hestia said, at the system. And, I can accept that. However, it is my hope that no one ever have to go through an experience such as that.

    So, Line Sisters, let us forever be known by our “numbers” and not our names. Suits me, just fine.

    With love and respect to the Mighty Rho E Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc,
    Yulanda “Yogi” “#6” Miller

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