zetaemblem.jpgHi. My name is Chocl8t and I’m a sorority girl. (Sounds like an introduction at a 12-step meeting) I pledged Zeta Phi Beta, ΖΦΒ, Fall 1985, Rho Epsilon chapter on the campus of Louisiana State University. I will take my line name, like many of my other secrets, to my grave. 🙂

Why? I pledged at the very, very beginning of the anti-hazing movement, the hazing crackdown. The Big Sisters were none to pleased with the idea nor happy with us after one of my line sisters had the brilliant idea to “rat” them out for the underground shenanigans going on. Their long-lasting revenge lies in our line names, unfortunately. 😐

To all my sorority sisters sporting the Royal Blue and White…Happy Founder’s Day!

A special shout out to my line:

#1 Karen
#2 Me
#3 Deirdre
#4 Nedra
#5 Naomi (deceased)
#6 Yulanda “Yogi”


Thanks to Amboogie, a soror, from O’ Hell Nawl for reminding me.