I’m Just Saying…DO YOU!

j0433821.pngI have very little patience for “whiny-azz” people, men and women. You know the type…quick to get offended and have their “feelings” hurt when you don’t agree with them and, BY GOD, have the audacity to say so! Aaah, the horror!!!

Aiight. I happen to believe that a man should NEVER, EVER raise his hand to hit a woman. NEVER! Maaan, walk away from her crazyness. Walk away…run, if you must! But if YOU think there are exceptions to this rule, that’s on you. But don’t be the least bit surprised when the one you’re with now decides to whoop yo azz.

I’m just saying…DO YOU!

Don’t send me a dayum email espousing all the shortcomings and perceived evil of Barak Obama that is full of exaggerations, innuendo, and lies and get offended when I call you on that shyt! Oh, you can send me the email but I can’t respond? And when I do, I’m rude? Uh, baby, you got the WROOONG one.

I’m just saying….DO YOU!

Or how about the one, or several, on the job who say you’re unapproachable and have a bad attitude because you don’t entertain that B.S. they bring into the workplace? You know, the one that is never on time, fails to meet deadlines, got problems with her two dogs, problems with the cat, hates her mother and father, doesn’t believe in God, believes that those who do believe in God are mindless sheep, and is always on the verge of a mental meltdown.

You’re absolutely right!!! I AM NOT APPROACHABLE with that BOOOLSHYT!!  I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, psycotherapist, nor your minister – oh, but you don’t need one of them cause you don’t believe in God. When it comes to handling the company’s business, ya know, doing your job, then I will deal with you all day, cordially and professionally. But when you approach me with that batshyt crazy nonsense….STEP OFF!

I’m just saying….DO YOU…but do it over there and not at my desk….mmmkay?

Do You! Cause I’m sure as hell gonna DO ME.

13 thoughts on “I’m Just Saying…DO YOU!

  1. Ouch. Your words cut deep lol. I’ve been in a pity loop lately so I’ve been extra winy. Need to kick myself in the old butt and get over myself. And personally my least favorite is the I read Bill Maher Cliffnotes political zealot. They hear two things (not even facts) about an issue or topic and start going off the deep end. You know, republicans lol

  2. I always try to keep it in perspective when I feel myself breaking out the pity party. You are right when you say it’s not your problem and you aren’t anyone’s therapist. I hate it when people “dump” and feel they have the right to do so.

  3. Everyone has problems or face personal issues on a daily, I’m one of them. However, I don’t go to work and and tell everyone my problems nor do I let it affect my job. My employer pays me to produce not to whine and complain and expect my co-workers to counsel me.

    Then the “overly sensitive” people who are soooo fragile they can’t handle you having an opinion that differs from their’s and don’t know how to deal when you express that PASSIONATE opinion. They tend to take everything so personal when it isn’t. Fragile beings with self esteem issues!

    I’m just saying….it’s time for some to put on their Big Girl/Boy shorts on!! 🙂

  4. Dayum! I’m still annoyed about this! LOL

    @ mtony…it will pass…shake it off!! 😉

    @ Bully…I wouldn’t dare hit you…maybe hit “on you”. 😉

    @ gemini…thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Usually, I’m not so, uh…bitchy. 🙂

  5. Yeah these kind of people get on my natural nerves too. Fortunately I work in an office with just myself and my two bosses (one hardly comes into the office) and we are all in our offices doing our own thing. Anytime we need to talk, we just hit each other up on the speaker phone. However I do remember a time when I was rubbing shoulders with a gang of p*ssified folks that just complained all of the time. I was never the most approachable person either. I think people see me smile and actually think I want to hear about their problems, but really, I don’t. The fact of the matter is that I do care in some cases, but depending who it is, I am really not interested because they always have issues and just breed drama-that ain’t my problem so cool out!

  6. Those are the kind of folks you “cut-off” they can be draining. Then again sometimes you may be the one that can help them realize they need to grow the hell up and put their big boy/girl panties on.

  7. @ Marcus…lucky you! But I bet it gets very, very quiet around there huh? 🙂

    @ AJ…I don’t think they can handle my style of delivery which is “straight, no chaser”. LOL

    Very interesting! “Do You”!
    i hope you got it all out. it is good to purge every now and then, you know, get all that crap out that has been building up inside of you.
    That sure was funny though!!

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