A Soldier’s Story

twila1.jpgThis is a “shout out” to a soldier who is on her way to Balad, Iraq today. God Speed!

I first met Twila when I worked at The Weather Channel and she was my supervisor. It was not a warm and fuzzy start…tee hee hee. Ms. Independent, smart-ass, mind of my own, total disdain for authority (Chocl8t) and the disciplined, focused, part-time student, full-time supervisor, military minded (Twila) mixed like oil and water. Nope, no warm and fuzzy. LOL

To Twila’s credit though, she was doing what she had to in order to do what she wanted to later. After taking another position within our department, I could see a big change. She was more relaxed and stress free and she smiled more! Over the 5 years I worked with Twila, I came to respect and admire her diplomacy, discipline, and work ethic. She really is cool as hell! 🙂

As I stated earlier, Twila is headed to Balad, Iraq today as apart of a Naval installation. Yeah, the Navy in Iraq! All that dayum sand, no major body of water but Bush-Whack is sending Naval installations to the desert. Thanks a lot Einstein! But this post isn’t about the whacko retarded president. It’s about my former co-worker who I am proud to call a friend.

Keep your eyes open and your head up…I’m praying for your safe, unharmed, uninjured return to the A-T-L!!

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