The Boondocks

I came across this episode of The Boondocks over at Invisible Woman. Many, many thanks to her for posting this! I’m still LMAO (laughing my a$$ off)!

Let me apologize to my family from New Orleans upfront! But I found this “ish” to be funny as hell!!


WARNING: If you’re offended by the use of the N-word, I would recommend not viewing the video for it is peppered throughout.

3 thoughts on “The Boondocks

  1. Riley is dude! My friend Erica calls me Riley all of the time. She says she calls me that because I always go against the grain with a cause…LOL. I guess I will have to take that a compliment. But I did find this episode funny as well. Boondocks will remain one of the funniest cartoons out there because it breaks all of the rules and people love that.

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