Free Willy!!

beluga-whale.jpgI HATE PETA! I think they are a group of evil mean spirited terrorist! This organization makes me want to kick the shyt out of dog just on G.P.

With that being said…what in the hot arsed monkey crap is going on at the Georgia Aquarium? Marina, a beluga whale just died making her the second beluga to meet the grim reaper. Gasper died from a bone disease in January. Two whale sharks, Ralph and Norton, died of an infection caused by chemicals used to treat their tanks.

I’m not a big animal rights advocate but…DAYUM! What gives? Either get it right or…


6 thoughts on “Free Willy!!

  1. AJ…PETA and it’s members irks me because anyone who treats animals better than another human being is twisted in my opinion. They elevate the animals above humans and THAT…lemme stop cause I’m getting angry!!

  2. as much as humans like them. zoo’s are prisons. caging animals for our own amusement and fancy.

    **steps down off soapbox**

    by the way, how have you been pretty lady?

  3. DB…LOL…I’m on the fence about the zoo/aquarium thing. I agree it is a “prison” but I am guilty of visiting both here in ATL so I have attributed to the “enslavement” of the animals for my own sick voyeauristic pleasures! LOL But seriously, I straddle the fence, great way to see animals most would never get to see otherwise except for the Animal Planet.

    BTW…I’m doing absolutely WONDERFUL!! 🙂

  4. Peta has always peppered their Save the Animals attitude with neo-terroristic tendancies that has always confused me. I am in favor of Zoological Gardens, but only if they are administered to with the greatest of care! The Aquarium in Atlanta is beginning to worry me. When I lived in Memphis, I had the good fortune to get to know one of the great researchers who was in charge of the Giant Panda exhibit. She was able to give my children a personal guided tour that opened their eyes to animal conservation, and preservation. They then went to to the other exhibits and wanted to know more indepth knowledge of these animals and where they live and what they can do to help preserve habitat and prolong the species. If that isn’t what the Zoo is there for, I don’t know what is. It made my kids open their eyes to the world.

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