I Am Legend

I first fell in love with Will Smith when Bad Boys made its debut. I fall in love again in December.  There is no shame in my obvious lust for Big Willie!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Am Legend

  1. This is going to be an interesting movie. I always go out of my way to see Will’s movies and have only been disappointed a few times, most notably for me was “Wild Wild West”.

  2. Yeah, WWW was not a good one for me either. LOL But any movie that calls for him to expose his chest, abs, glutes…heh, heh…I’m there! 🙂

    I need to find a boyfriend…and soon 🙂

  3. OMG, this is funny. I too, fell in love with Big Willy after watching Bad Boys. Then he had the nerve to be even finer in BBII?! Are you kidding me?! And please, PLEASE don’t get me started with I-Robot.

    Now he’s got the nerve to be semi-nude in I Am Legend. Boy! . . You better. . .I swear, if you . . .

    I think I can take Jada.


  4. LOL @ Jex!! You may be able to take Jada but can you take me? Cause it on and poppin if you step to my man! I’m just saying….

  5. It’s so hard to breathe when you see him in those movies with his shirt off and looking like he does.

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