Ketel One – The Devil’s Venom: A Cautionary Tale

skull.jpgAlicia Keys performed at The Tabernacle last night in Atlanta to help two local radio personalities celebrate their ninth anniversary on the air. I attended the concert with one of my BFFs, let’s call her “Elle“. Neither of us are what you would consider huge AK fans but decided to go since the tickets were free.

Upon entering the concert venue, our first order of business was to get a cocktail. Elle is a Goose-n-Juice girl (Grey Goose and cranberry juice) and last night I was up for the same. The bartender informed us they only had Ketel One so we went with what was flowing. Since I was driving and I am only a social drinker, my limit was two and Elle had four. After talking, laughing, and allowing Miss Keys to bore us to death with her new material, we left and were home by 11:30 p.m.

No big deal, right? Wrong!!

Elle informed me this morning that her husband found her on their bathroom floor butterball nekkid and had to put her in the bed. I didn’t have quite as hard a time but I felt “hungover” until about 4:00 p.m., behind 2 cocktails! I know Grey Goose is a premium Vodka but I had never before heard of Kettle One nor do I ever want to again. In fact, I wants no part of anything that has “kettle” in it…kettle corn, Kettle potato chips, tea kettle, kettle hole…..yeah, you get the idea.

8 thoughts on “Ketel One – The Devil’s Venom: A Cautionary Tale

  1. I hate vodka of ALL kinds. Ever since the night I awakened at 3:00 a.m. to go and get my girlfriend out of her bed to come and make the flowers on her guest room bed sheets, where I was sleeping, stop floating around, I have never had another sip.

  2. I am a Grey Goose girl too: Ketle One tastes like Gordon’s (and produces the same results) and is five times the price…lmao at “allowing Ms. Keys to bore us to death”…finally somebody says it out loud!

  3. IW…is that the correct spelling “Ketle”? I Googled the dayum thing and didn’t know which one was right. I’ll change it in the post.

    Regarding Ms. Keys…great musicianship, and these days that is rare in the R&B and Hip Hop genres, but something is missing. She lacks the energy of say, Ms Badu or Jill Scott. Dare I say it? She has no stage presence.

  4. *sigh* … speaking as a big Vodka fan I have to say I’m very surprised by this post. Ketel One along with Zubrowka are two of my favourite premium Vodka’s which some of the smoothest out there – far superior to the overpriced Grey Goose IMO. Sounds like what actually made it to your cocktail wasn’t real Ketel One.

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