Natural Chocl8t – The Big Chop

Although the countdown widget on the right says otherwise, I did the Big Chop (BC) about six weeks ago. My natural hair journey is well underway! Wooo-Hooo!!

Unlike my first foray into the “Naturalista” world, I am committed to the process this time. I am no longer unnerved by my mother’s reflection staring back at me in the mirror. When I look in the mirror and see more of her than me, I just laugh it off and think ‘my mother is one cute, fly chick’.

In the six short weeks since my BC I have made a few observations.


Quicker than I thought, the TWA (teenie weenie afro) stage is staring me in the face! Goodness!! What eyes gone do with this hair now?!! An inch and a half of tightly coiled curls sits atop my head and I have a long way to go before I can rock an afro puff or big Diana Ross hair!

What do I want?! BIG HAIR!!!
When do I want it?! NOW!! 

Yeah, not gonna happen immediately, I know so patiently I grow.

Hair Care Regime

Everyone’s journey is personal and unique to them and so is one’s hair care regime. There are tons of YouTube video tutorial and testimonials which I’ve utilized as starting points when caring for my curls.

I have tried the LOC method (Leave-in, Oil, Cream) and the Oil rinsing method. I am making modifications and slowly finding what works for my TWA and hair texture.

Natural Hair Networks & Support

The Naturalista network is pretty cool and extensive. Before doing the BC, I researched different sites for product recommendations and future style inspirations. Being able to see pictures of women’s hair growth process has been motivating.

I have bookmarked several sites for hair salons found on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. There arenumerous sites that provide support and encouragement for every phase of the natural hair journey. But with the good there’s also the bad…

Natural Hair Nazi Brigade

Rabid. Rigid. Negative. Bitter. Hateful. Judgemental.

These are just a few adjectives describing a group of naturalistas who think everyone should adhere to a strict “natural hair code”. According to them in order to be considered 100% natural you

  • can’t dye your hair
  • can’t wear weave or braids
  • can’t and shouldn’t wear your hair straight

If you still relax your hair, you’re full of self-loathing desperately seeking to attain the European standard of beauty and must be shamed, berated,, and intimidated by their naturalista superiority.

Girl, bye!

As I stated early, everyone’s journey is personal and unique to them. The emotions and revelations can be overwhelming when navigating through this and the last thing anyone needs is a group of hate-filled, bitter, rigid broads attempting to dictate the path you should take.

Overall, I am still excited. Still growing and learning to love my curls.


2 thoughts on “Natural Chocl8t – The Big Chop

  1. Go head girl! I was natural for three years, then one year, then one month (I went natural a few times and went back to the creamy crack). I, unlike you, was not brave enough these last few tries to do the TWA. I wanted big hair immediately!! Although I love my natural hair, it takes too long to grow and is a lot of work (for me) I just want something easy. I think you are beautiful and can rock whatever hairstyle you want. I can’t wait to see your progress…you should post pics monthly!

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