Ten Random Facts About Moi

I have foolishly decided to take the 30 Day Blog Challenge. So here goes it….

I have a penny-sized circular scar on the bottom of my right foot and I don’t think any man with whom I’ve ever been intimate has ever noticed. But why would they, right? 🙂

I have a fleshy mole on my belly button.

I don’t have a college degree and that bothers me.

I think the Feminist movement may have done more harm than good for women – Black women in particular.

I don’t believe God exists in the form or manner in which I was raised and taught to believe.

I love the fact that I have re-discovered my inner “lone wolf”.

I lost my virginity at 19 years old but didn’t experience my first orgasm until age 31.

I prefer working with men. Less drama.

I’m afraid of heights but I’m planning on sky diving this summer.

I tried out for the Atlanta Hawks dance squad when I was 28 years old to get past my shyness.


2 thoughts on “Ten Random Facts About Moi

  1. wow see this is how it is supposed to go. Very interesting. And no ma’am, if he notices anything on the bottom of ur foot he wasn’t focused 🙂

  2. I Will Not Follow you two back into blogging! But, interesting randomness, girlie. Gonna get that degree? It is NEVER too late. I shall return (but I will not follow). V.

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