I made a promise to write a post at lease twice a week. So as I sit here on my bed, struggling to come up with an idea, I have the TV on mute…thinking.

Current events?

Lets see, there is the debt ceiling crisis going on in Washington, DC; Amy Winhouse’s apparent death from a drug overdose; Stauss-Kahn and the hotel maid; the local Georgia woman convicted of vehicular homicide in the death of her son, whom she did not kill.  But alas…nothing is moving me at the moment.

I could write about how this heat has turned me into a hermit this summer. I have not hung out nearly as much as I did last summer. But there’s not enough material there though.

I’m going to give it another day or so.

Lets see what hits me.

One thought on “What?

  1. Keep at it. It all comes when it’s ready. You’re in better shape than I. I want to but, my mind and efforts are elsewhere. Be back for more. Peace.

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