Repairmen & The Single Woman

Every time I have to place a service call for a repairman to come to the house, I am always a little uneasy. I am single and I live alone, so imagine the trepidation of allowing a strange man into my home.

It isn’t often you hear about a service repairman assaulting a female customer in her home, but it does happen. (Remember the BTK Killer, Dan Rader, was employed by ADT Security Services.) I have no plans on becoming a statistic.

Always one to err on the side of caution, I take out the “Peacemaker” – a .357 revolver. When the doorbell rings, it is either on the sofa, under a pillow next to me or tucked in the back waistband of my pants.


Maybe…but you’ll never catch me slippin!

6 thoughts on “Repairmen & The Single Woman

  1. happy new year….glad to see you’ve returned…..ok on to the reply….at least you have taken the initiative to have some sort of equalizer as part of your home defense ….My motto is “a gun is like a condom rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”…

  2. Lawd not a .357 lol

    I can’t do guns….ever

    9 times out 10 when I’m having a repair man over it’s during the day and the boy is at school. So I always let someone know I got someone coming over and allot of times I’ll be on the phone the whole time…pacing through the house. Just so he knows someone else knows he’s in my house.

  3. .357 caliber? Damn. Even if you miss your target it will scare the living daylights out of anyone, period, trying to catch you slipping. I am sure no woman expects predatory behavior from repairmen, of all people, but, in this day and age, you never really know what’s on a person’s mind.

    Thanks for the link, likewise. I remember your post from Slaus & the Gang’s blog.

    1. Yes, the first time I fired it at the range I damned near jumped out of my shoes…it is L-O-U-D!

      Glad you stopped by and commented. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

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