Happy Holidays!!

I wish all of you the best this holiday season. Enjoy your families and the festivities!!

To all the non-Christians, I bid you good tidings.

To all the atheists, agnostics, etcetera, etcetera…grab a bottle of whatever and drink and be merry…just cause you can!

The following is my favorite jingle from the Jackson 5 Christmas album. The entire LP brings back many fond memories of the holidays spent at my grandmother’s house. It was the only time of year we were allowed in the living room with the “good” furniture covered in plastic. Don’t front…your granny did the same thing too!! 😀

Merry Chrih-Mah!!!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!

  1. I trust that your holidays will be filled with cheer and I hope that Santa brought you everything you asked for (at least those things that will make you smile with glee). Here’s wishing you and yours a very merry. Peace.

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